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This Company Will Pay You to Provide Customer Support Remotely

This is your chance to put those excellent listening skills to use.

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If it weren’t for messengers and similar communication tools, consumers would have to go and ask their questions in person, and we know how precious time is nowadays. When live chat systems appeared in the late 1990s, they transformed the way businesses communicate with customers. 

The popularity of messengers and chats created more employment opportunities, the best part about it being that most jobs are remote. 

One such remote position is that of a sales chat specialist for SITE123. 

Meet SITE123

Your potential employer is a free website builder that allows internet users to create a website without any help from a professional. SITE123 offers advanced tools and ready-made layouts designed to help put together that perfect website you’ve always dreamed of. 

Users will have all sorts of questions when building their websites, which is why the platform offers free 24/7 live support. This is where a sales chat specialist comes in.

If you are familiar with website building and can handle multi-tasking, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

SITE123 is looking for someone who is familiar with the internet world, especially website building. The right candidate has experience in sales and customer support, preferably through live chat. 

In addition, the sales chat specialist is expected to possess excellent English and communication skills. They should also have great attention to detail and excellent listening skills and be ready to help customers with any inquiries.

The ideal candidate can multitask, has strong knowledge of social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, and can confidently work with MS Office applications. Above all, they should be a great team player.

Working hours are the standard American business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (or 40 hours in total).

What will your responsibilities be?

Your duties as a sales chat specialist working for SITE123 can vary, but the main responsibility is to provide excellent customer service and build strong customer relationships by doing so. 

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In addition, you will be expected to answer and look into inquiries and provide prices and add-on sales. Communication generally takes place over chat or email. 

The average salary of a customer service agent is $46,736, but this amount is based on skills, education, and experience, meaning it can be lower or higher. 

Do you qualify?

If you think it’s easy to land a job as a salesperson, keep in mind that you may need more than sales experience. Your chances of getting hired as a sales chat specialist at SITE123 increase if you know other languages and have excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS. It will also help if you have additional computer skills and website builder platforms experience under your belt. 

Do you meet all the criteria? Then don’t wait! Apply right away by sending your best resume to [email protected] and become part of SITE123’s excellent support team.

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