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$1,000 for Watching TV? What’s the Catch?

Spoiler: It’s as easy as it sounds.

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Talk about a dream job!, a site specializing in research on various multimedia services, is making every couch potato’s dream come true. Read these words carefully: It’s hiring people to watch TV and surf the internet for 90 days.

Just how much are they paying for such rigorous work? $1,000.

Wait, who are these people again?

Before you dismiss this as some ridiculous research endeavor (trust us, we know what ridiculous looks like), take some time to grasp this website’s reason for existing.

Founded in 2011, CableTV carefully studies TV, internet, and streaming services. On its About Us page, it promises to “[slash] through the techno-speak to give you straightforward reviews and reliable advice.”

A quick glance at the site shows that it lives up to the billing. Essentially, CableTV is presented as a one-stop shop for all the key details you need about your content providers—pros, cons, subscription packages, and the like. It doesn’t leave any room for ambiguity, either: CableTV gives straightforward recommendations for Best TV Providers, Best Internet Providers, and Best Live TV Streaming Services.

It doesn’t just tell you the best ways to watch stuff—it actually tells you what stuff to watch. CableTV has a regularly updated weekly list that will help you decide on the next series to binge, the latest sports event to obsess over, and the 147th contrived reality show to skip.

In order to come up with informed reviews on all these services and content, CableTV needs precious data straight from the viewers. That’s where Mr. and Ms. Couch Potato come in.

Here’s the job description

Let’s get this out of the way: CableTV’s hiring call is open only to U.S. citizens who have a TV and internet subscription with AT&T, Optimum, or Verizon. Also, the minimum age for applicants is 18. (Sorry, kids. You’ll get to live the dream one day.)

So, what do you do for 90 days? Just watch TV and browse the internet as you normally would. Rachel Oaks, senior writer at CableTV, says there’s no need to go overboard. “You don’t have to watch hundreds of hours of TV or crawl through thousands of websites,” she explains.

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What really matters to CableTV is the feedback. After the 90-day period is over, there’s a questionnaire you need to fill out to describe your experience. Plus, if you ever run into any issues with your TV or internet services, you’ll have to log those, too. That way, CableTV can appropriately reflect such glitches in its reviews. (Is that a fancy way of saying “call out the service provider for screwing up?” Maybe.)

You’ll have to hurry, though: CableTV is hiring only four testers. Fill in the application form before this dream job slips away from you, like The Sandman in development hell.

At the end of her short hiring call, Oaks previews the fate awaiting the four fortunate souls: “Heck—go ahead and barricade yourself in your bedroom for all we care. We know you’ve got a TV in there.”

You’re absolutely right, Ms. Oaks. Now hire us, please!

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