50+ Ways to Make Money (Including 30+ Work From Home Jobs with Pay Rates)

We update this regularly with new work-from-home jobs and other ways to make money.

With the cost of living rising, many people are looking to make a little extra cash (and in some cases, a lot of extra cash!). That’s where this post comes in.

These days, you can make money by doing things you already love, like reading books or watching TV. But it’s not all just work from home jobs; you can get money from the government that you might not know you are entitled to and seek out free stuff that you can keep or sell. You can also focus on passive income strategies through smart investing.

Below, we list tons of work from home jobs and what they pay. Before we get into that, however, consider…

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Without further ado, here’s how you can work from home…

  1. reading books for $200 per book
  2. watching TV for $1,000
  3. writing about shopping
  4. as an Amazon seller support associate
  5. as a customer service ambassador for $15 an hour
  6. as a customer service representative
  7. as a chat and text supervisor for up to $48,000 annually
  8. as a data entry specialist for up to $1,000 per week
  9. proofreading for up to $55,000 yearly
  10. as a data entry clerk for up to $34 an hour
  11. as a matchmaker for $100 or more per date
  12. as a social media manager for $4,500 a month
  13. as an administrative specialist for $31 an hour
  14. as an overnight customer service representative for $3,500 a month
  15. proofreading for up to $4,100 per month
  16. as a bilingual game translator for up to $96,000 per year
  17. as a data entry specialist for up to $24 per hour
  18. losing weight for up to $10,000 in cash prizes
  19. as a math and science tutor for $17.50 per hour
  20. watching movies
  21. as a medical scribe for up to $20 per hour
  22. as a helpdesk freelance agent for around $1,300 a month
  23. as a social performance marketer for $1,000 to $1,300 a week
  24. as a customer support representative for $20 per hour
  25. as an email marketing specialist for up to $5,500 monthly
  26. editing for up to $1,300 weekly
  27. as a content writer for $45 an hour
  28. proofreading for up to $46 an hour
  29. writing for up to $7,000 per month
  30. writing resumes for up to $6,000 a month

Think beyond just getting another job (even if it’s a work from home job)

The below aren’t jobs. Most are tips that’ll allow you to increase your income.

Invest wisely

Though you might not be rolling in cash at the moment (that’s okay), don’t lose sight of how powerful investing can be. Here are our top tips:

  1. Understand the stunning affects of compound interest (even if you can only save a $1 a day)
  2. Understand that most people don’t beat the market over time
  3. Understand this really simple guide to money during each decade of your life
  4. Study these paths to a million dollars
  5. Want even more? Here’s our full guide to investing

Negotiate more effectively and get what you deserve

Our #1 tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you feel you deserve. You can’t get what you don’t ask for.

  1. Avoid working for free by using these phrases
  2. Negotiate more effectively with this one word (hint: it’s the word “because”)

Consider changing to a more lucrative career

A career change is a big deal, but it can also be a financially rewarding step.

  1. Seek out a high-paying job like these (the highest paying jobs in the US)
  2. Understand the staggering amounts top tech firms pay remote software developers – Not only can these jobs be lucrative, they’re also often filled by people switching from unrelated careers.
  3. Complete college (for an over $1,000,000 boost in lifetime income)

Improving your resume can get your more cash

  1. Having a pro review your resume can lead to a salary increase of 7%
  2. Consider making this controversial change to your resume

Make more at your current job

  1. Use this method to increase your work from home productivity by 42% and thus increase your pay (either by producing more work or leveraging your productivity into a raise)
  2. If you work in a restaurant, get bigger tips with these simple tricks
  3. Join a union (you’ll make more)
  4. Are you in sales? Use these tricks to sell more stuff

Odd ways to make more money

We frankly didn’t know where to put these but they’re super important.

  1. Lose weight (it’s worth reading up on how this helps some people earn more and other people earn less—wild, right?)
  2. Collect money you’re owed from the Government

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