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Want to Make Waves in the B2B Marketing Industry? If So, Apply at This Company Today

This company is all about—wait for it—optimization.

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When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketing, efficiency is a powerful currency.

See, if you’re a company trying to entice another company to avail itself of your services, you need to make an extra bit of effort to be concise and well-structured. Sure, you have to be efficient when you’re dealing with customers, but those of the B2B variety are a different beast altogether.

Do you consider B2B marketing to be your wheelhouse? If so, your next job might be at this up-and-coming company.

At Metadata, you can offer your brilliant insights into the development of B2B innovations centered on optimizing resources. Just like you, Metadata is devoted to helping B2B marketers make the most of their technology, budgets, and other assets.

Background of the company

Before we look into this company’s key features, we first have to acknowledge that Metadata does have a sense of humor.

How so? Of all the details it could have included in the About section of its website, Metadata opted for a funny little episode. As the story goes, founder Gil Allouche was invited in 2015 to give a talk about driving revenue. In front of an audience of chief marketing officers, Allouche described how his company developed marketing innovations that boosted financial growth. Apparently, the CMOs were delighted with what they heard.

Here’s the catch: Allouche had not launched the company yet! Without wasting a second, he used his next lunch break to update his LinkedIn profile so that anyone viewing it would get the impression that the company had been around for quite some time.

The pretense would not last long as Allouche formally launched Metadata that year, envisioning it as a comprehensive software solution for players in the B2B industry. Through the Metadata platform, B2B marketers could perhaps dispense with the less-than-optimal tactics of manual marketing, ditching those in favor of automated features that help them move at a much faster pace.

The key features of Metadata

Still not convinced? Once you learn about the specific services offered by Metadata, you’ll probably find plenty of motivation to turn in your job application.

If we were to sum up Metadata’s identity, we would point to six key features:

  • Audience targeting. Metadata reaches out to its audiences across digital platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn.
  • Campaign automation. Metadata provides a comprehensive platform that marketers can use to launch all their paid campaigns.
  • Campaign experimentation. Metadata helps marketers try new approaches and reach out to new audiences.
  • Web personalization. Through Metadata, you can convert all your site traffic into revenue.
  • Lead enrichment. The process of enriching new leads becomes automated and data-driven.
  • Revenue optimization. On the financial side of things, Metadata helps you maximize your budget through automated allocation.

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If Metadata’s defining features play up to your strengths, you are perhaps an asset waiting to be tapped by this forward-thinking company. Metadata can surely use creative, resourceful individuals with software know-how. If these are your qualities, you should give this company a try.

In case you’re wondering, Metadata offers some pretty cool perks. These include:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Remote work arrangements and home office budget
  • A mandatory leave on your birthday (Seriously. It’s part of the company policy.)

Want to get started on your application? Head over here to view the positions that are currently open. 

If you do get the job, go ahead and update your LinkedIn profile with your Metadata position. No pretense here: The company is very much a real thing now.

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