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Great with Customers? This Employee Engagement Company Would Love to Have You

Get ready to dazzle with your interpersonal skills!

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Let’s talk about the most important resource for every company: people. (Well, money’s up there as well, but human resources really matter.)

Many businesses have folded simply because their workforce was poorly managed. A bit of grumbling leads to resentment, and resentment turns into high employee turnover and weak revenue generation. In contrast, companies making smart decisions on the human resources front have been rewarded with impressive growth.

Realizing the need to put smiles on employees’ faces, Helloteam burst onto the HR scene in 2016. Focused on worker engagement and retention, it offers digital solutions that help companies handle the human side of things.

Helloteam offers great products to clients, and it’s offering a remote job to you. Right now.

The company is looking for a full-time customer success associate. If your strengths happen to be interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and brand representation, this remote position is definitely worth checking out.

More on Helloteam

Helloteam is the brainchild of Tanya Bakalov, who got her bachelor’s degree in accounting and management information systems from the University of Delaware.

Prior to establishing the platform, Bakalov had co-founded a startup that specialized in digital infrastructure monitoring. At first, she and her employees were able to interface quite easily as the size of the team was modest.

However, once the workforce started growing, the employees found it harder to navigate the company culture. These circumstances led Bakalov to realize the value of maintaining employee engagement even as more and more workers were brought into the fold.

“In my experience, I found the job of a chief people officer incredibly hard,” Bakalov said in a 2022 video posted on Helloteam’s YouTube channel. “And that’s why we started Helloteam—because we wanted to make that job easier.”

How exactly does Helloteam do that? Here are some of the areas addressed by its digital solutions:

  • Driving employee engagement. Here’s the simple truth: Employees love to be recognized and heard. Helloteam addresses these basic needs by providing features such as digital high fives, recognition badges, and reward points. Helloteam also offers templates for surveys so that administrators can keep their finger on the pulse of their organization.
  • Tracking employee performance. Through the Helloteam platform, HR departments can generate automated performance reviews and monitor the progress of company goals. Helloteam also provides an avenue for administrators to conduct regular employee coaching.
  • Facilitating professional development. Helloteam makes it easier for team members to stay up to date with industry standards. Through eCourses, quizzes, and even games, it boosts the learning experience of employees.
  • Maximizing analytics. Keeping up with trends in data management, Helloteam offers analytics that can guide administrators’ decisions when it comes to hiring, retention, and advancement.

Whenever a company avails itself of any of these solutions, Helloteam stays in touch and extends full support to the client in order to optimize growth. Maintaining strong relationships with clients is a focal point for Helloteam, which is why it needs someone to take on the mantle of a customer success associate.

Eager to claim this spot? Read on!

What are the necessary qualifications?

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In order to qualify for this remote position, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Previous experience with SaaS products
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • The ability to craft effective presentations
  • A good grasp of Google Suite
  • Strong performance in a previous customer-facing role

What will your responsibilities be?

Here are some of the tasks that will be entrusted to you in this position:

  • Become a primary point of contact for Helloteam’s clients.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Identify solutions to points of improvement within the Helloteam platform.
  • Guide clients as they make use of Helloteam’s digital solutions.

Perks offered by the company include medical, dental, and vision benefits; 401(k) (which you can avail yourself of after a year of employment); and unlimited paid time off.

Ready to say “Hello” to this team? Click here to get started on your application for the role of customer success associate!

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