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This Remote Customer Service Job Offers Great Benefits—And Anyone in the U.S. Can Apply

Now is your chance to be—wait for it—an ambassador!

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The term “customer experience outsourcing” is quite a mouthful, not to mention a bit intimidating.

How about “customer service ambassador”? Now that has a nice ring to it!

This cool job title awaits you at Activus Connect, a company that specializes in providing third-party services to enterprises keen on enhancing their customer engagement. Though the salary isn’t anything to write home about, this job has more than enough enticing perks.

Customer experience 101

So, what exactly does a customer service ambassador do? Well, the main objective of customer experience outsourcing (yes, we’ll have to live with that term) is to smooth customers’ interactions with a company.

Which interactions would that be? Every one of them. Here’s how Julia Luce of Simplr puts it: “CX [customer experience] spans every point of a customer’s buying journey, from marketing to sales to customer service and everything in between.”

The problem is that not every company is fully equipped with the resources necessary for ensuring a stellar customer experience. The foremost of these resources is of the human type—an exceptional group of people persons who can elicit smiles, defuse situations, and eloquently answer a myriad of questions.

That’s where CX outsourcing comes in. Instead of keeping their fingers crossed that their in-house employees get better at interpersonal communication, companies can just outsource to folks who specialize in this sort of thing. 

It’s a win for all parties involved: Businesses get great third-party services at optimized costs, in-house employees can stick to their primary assignments, and customers have an immensely satisfying time as they go about their transactions.

And the customer service ambassadors? They get good things, especially if they’re working for Activus Connect.

The perks of the job

For starters, the customer service ambassador post at Activus is available in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico. Yay! 

This remote position pays $15 an hour, but you’ll start getting paid during the training period (which is mandatory). To be specific, you’ll be trained to do the following: engage with customers via phone, email, or chat; document your interactions with customers, and even handle technical matters (such as concerns with apps and websites).

Let’s now talk about the benefits. In short, they’re sweet. After 60 days, you’ll be eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance. You also get 401(k), paid time off, paid time to do volunteer work in your community, and the option to choose a full-time, part-time, or flexible shift.

Did we mention work-life balance and the luxury of not fighting your way through rush hour traffic? While this post is certainly reminiscent of a call center job, you can work from home instead of squeezing into a cubicle in some drab office miles away. (In fact, Activus calls its approach “The Anti-Call Center.” We’re sure it means no offense.)

What are the must-haves for this job?

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A high school diploma (or equivalent) is needed to apply for Activus’ customer service ambassador post. You also need either one year’s worth of call center experience or two years of customer service experience.

Check your hardware and software specs because Activus looks into that as well. Among others, you need to have an internet connection with a 10 MB download speed and a 3 MB upload speed. Plus, your arsenal needs to include a Plantronics corded headset. (A full list of the requirements is available here.)

As the work-from-home phenomenon continues to sweep the nation—scratch that, sweep the world—you can take your pick of job posts that offer awesome benefits. It just so happens that some of these posts are also nicely named.

The title “customer service ambassador” sure has a great ring to it, but not as great as “customer service ambassador for the anti-call center.” Sign us up!

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