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Get Paid to Be Creative in This Unique Remote Work Niche

Your witty one-liners are in demand!

green envelope with gold stamp and flowers around it

What’s the first thing you look at when you get a greeting card?

As you peruse your friend’s message (which hopefully comes with a nice crisp bill from said friend’s wallet), you probably pay little attention to the standard text written inside the card.

These words are lifesavers, honestly. When you forget a birthday or (worse) an anniversary, you have a sweet message to fall back on so that the recipient can feel appreciated.

Did you know that you can get paid for writing such messages?

We’ve scouted the web for sites that will compensate you for coming up with greeting card content. This includes messages and even visual art that you’re willing to provide.

These cards don’t just pop out of a machine, you know. They’re made with a creative touch meant to evoke various emotions.

Care to chip in and make extra bucks while working at home? Check out these sites!

Calypso Cards

Personality is closely intertwined with creativity. If you’d like to go beyond the typical greetings you see, Calypso would warmly welcome your cheeky one-liners. With your brand of sass, birthday guys and gals won’t ever forget their special day. Find out more about the submission guidelines here.

Oatmeal Studios

How about silly, whimsical greetings that are guaranteed to elicit a chuckle? If you specialize in that type of wit, your creative work will find a home at Oatmeal Studios. As long as you steer clear of some no-nos (such as mean words or long blocks of text), you’ll have a blast sending your submissions here.

Noble Works

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If you prefer to cross rather than toe the line, you have to check out Noble Works. Push the envelope with risqué quotes for different occasions. What’s more, you can turn in cartoons along with your written messages. Get your audacity on and head over to Noble Works’ submission page.


Speaking of visual art, Viabella would thrive on your gorgeous pieces. Here, you can submit art works and photos, as well as humorous greetings. You actually stand to earn more for images ($150 to $250) than written text ($50 to $150 for each verse). Check out the submission guidelines here.

Shade Tree Greetings

Get this: Shade Tree Greetings is looking for actual pictures from across the decades. We’re talking vintage pics from all the way back to the 1940s and 1950s, as well as subsequent decades. As you can probably guess, these photos will be given a fresh, humorous treatment for entertainment purposes. Got pictures to spare? Read the details for submission.

Greeting cards might not be the most exotic gift out there, but with your wit, these ordinary items can become extraordinary. 

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