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Earn Up to $8,300 per Month Working from Home on the Cutting Edge of Technology

That salary isn’t virtual reality. It’s just reality.

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Ever put on an Oculus headset? There’s no other way to put it—those things are cool! 

Whether you want to scratch that gaming itch, interact with other virtual reality (VR) users, or enjoy a concert in a totally different way, Oculus has set the bar unbelievably high when it comes to 21st-century leisure pursuits.

It’s one thing to enjoy using Oculus. It’s another thing to enjoy working for the corporation that bought Oculus.

Heads up: Meta (as in the company formerly known as Facebook) is looking for a content review vendor operations specialist. (This is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s quite an impressive title for a work-from-home job, right?) 

By facilitating efficiency and collaboration in the field of digital content distribution, this specialist can help vendors and internal teams get on the same page and maximize profits. In other words, this specialist needs to be pretty good at creating win-win situations.

Company background

Before you send in your application, take some time to brush up on your Oculus history. Spoiler: This brand is a rather young one.

In August 2012, a USC engineer named Palmer Luckey launched a VR company called Oculus. Born out of Luckey’s passion for VR headsets, Oculus was essentially an attempt to breathe new life into an industry that had seen some dramatic failures in the not-so-distant past.

In other words, Luckey was really pushing his luck. Plenty of VR startups had flopped, but his didn’t. With a huge boost from industry greats like John Carmack and Gabe Newell (as well as a Kickstarter campaign), Oculus was off to a flying start. Sales for its very first headset (known as the Oculus Rift DK1) crossed the million-dollar mark in three days. And to think that Luckey was aiming for “just” $250,000!

Only two years after its launch, Oculus was bought by Facebook (now Meta) for a whopping $2 billion. Though Oculus hasn’t exactly delivered stellar returns for its current owner in the past few years, Meta plans to invest billions into its virtual reality division over several years.

What would happen if you were to join this billion-dollar team? Here’s what a content review vendor operations specialist does.


This specialist is an important liaison that keeps Meta’s VR developers, product vendors, and consumers on the same page. With their impressive technical know-how and passion for smooth operations, the specialist can keep the Oculus ecosystem thriving.

Here are the primary duties to be carried out by a content review vendor operations specialist:

  • Ensure the readiness of vendors and internal teams for new product rollouts by conducting training sessions and preparing clear workflows
  • See to it that vendors comply with Meta’s security requirements and KPIs
  • Share knowledge and best practices with vendor operations teams and app review teams
  • Handle change management and problem escalations among the key players
  • Come up with policy revisions in accordance with industry trends

Qualifications and compensation

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To apply for this job, you need to have at least three years of meaningful experience, along with a good track record when it comes to scaling. In particular, you should be accustomed to resolving the concerns of app developers. 

Your communication skills must be excellent, and you need to have a keen eye for detail as well. In addition, your application has a better chance of getting noticed if you have obtained a BA or BS degree.

In this remote position, you’ll earn somewhere between $6,500 and $8,333.33 per month. (Remember what we pointed out: billion-dollar investment.)

If you’re interested in boosting the VR division of Meta, click here to get your application started. One thing’s for sure: Getting hired as a content review vendor operations specialist is more satisfying than finishing the gameplay of Resident Evil 4. (Don’t let us stop you, though. Keep decimating those zombies!)

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