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This Managerial Job Can Be Done Entirely from Home and Pays $2,800 per Month

If you’re really, really good at assurance, this job is for you.

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Every company can use an extra pair of eyes to ensure that everything is done right. In particular, organizations constantly have a need to double- and triple-check their numbers. Accurate representation of a company’s financial dealings is a must—then, now, and forever.

If you’re great at executing that task on the regular, you’ll like this job opportunity that we’ve come across.

PwC is looking for an associate with a background in accounting, specifically one who specializes in assurance. In this remote post, you’ll be earning more than $2,800 per month.


Company background

Perhaps you’ll be further intrigued by the history and industry standing of PwC. Spoiler: This company is a big-time player!

In case you’re wondering, PwC stands for PricewaterhouseCoopers. While this entity started in 1998, the accounting firms that merged to form PwC (Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand) go all the way back to the middle of the 19th century. That’s some rich history right there. 

Operating across 155 countries and 26 industries, PwC provides top-notch services in assurance, tax, performance improvement, and other fields that entail the resolution of client-stakeholder concerns. PwC’s clients include non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and relief agencies. Even the U.S. federal government avails itself of the company’s services from time to time.

PwC’s workforce currently consists of more than 284,000 individuals who are committed to solving complex problems and ensuring accuracy and integrity in clients’ operations.

Care to join this massive team? Here’s how.

Qualifications and benefits

To apply for the associate position at PwC, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Moreover, your degree needs to comprise a minimum of 120 hours of coursework. Plus, you should already have one year (or more) of related experience.

PwC also expects you to comply with all the educational requirements, such as meeting the 150-hour minimum for the certified public accountant (CPA) license. Alternatively, you can present evidence that you can attain a CPA license via reciprocity. This evidence can be a CPA license that you held or a CPA exam that you passed in another state or an equivalent credential that you obtained in your home country.

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PwC associates need to have strong familiarity with the business and accounting issues commonly encountered by non-publicly traded companies in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, and services. By issues, we’re talking about concerns regarding mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, refinancing, and the like.

Associates also need to demonstrate competence in the following:

  • Exhibiting whole leadership
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Exercising business and global acumen
  • Utilizing and innovating technology related to the field

Aside from the nice monthly compensation, PwC associates get to enjoy a wide range of benefits. These include perks related to health and well-being, family support, student loans, and insurance.

If this position sounds great to you, head over here to get your application started. PwC can surely use your knack for getting those numbers right and those issues resolved.

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