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This Site Will Help You Earn Money from Your Honest-to-Goodness Opinions

Aside from the cash, freebies might also come your way!

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We all have that opinionated relative who runs their mouth at every opportunity. On just about any occasion—a family reunion, a ball game, Thanksgiving—said relative will have an endless supply of critical opinions on everything under the sun.

The latest Hollywood film? They’ve seen it, not a fan. That new restaurant downtown? They hate it. The latest in fashion, tech, or politics? Don’t get them started!

Sometimes, this relative is a showstopper. Other times, they’re a nuisance. What if a person like that could be a—wait for it—money-maker?

FocusGroupPanel, a research-centered website, is looking for participants to make valuable contributions to focus panel studies. Even better, there’s a work-from-home option, which means you can join these discussions virtually rather than having to journey to some distant location.

Forget about that slightly annoying relative—you have an opinion, and you could be the one making money from this remote opportunity!

More on FocusGroupPanel

FocusGroupPanel is an aggregator that connects people to focus panel studies and clinical trials.

A focus panel study is a research method in which a small group of individuals with similar backgrounds is convened to discuss a certain topic. During the study, each participant is expected to convey their honest thoughts and feelings on the subject at hand.

While the focus panel study is a diverse research tool that lends itself to different areas of interest, the clinical trial is an instrument specific to the medical field. In clinical trials, participants volunteer to undergo medical interventions, such as drug intake, surgery, and even behavioral treatment.

Of course, clinical trials aren’t for everyone. On the other hand, just about anyone can join a focus panel study as long as there is a profile fit. Plus, you don’t need to be apprehensive about some chemical concoction entering your system. It’s the insights you concoct in your brain that will matter most in a focus panel study.

How can you earn money from FocusGroupPanel?

First, we need to make it clear that FocusGroupPanel screens applicants who wish to participate in a panel discussion. 

To qualify for a focus panel study that you see on this site, you must be at least 18 years old, as well as literate and fluent in English. In addition, you need to have a phone, a computer, or a tablet with a reliable internet connection. Generally, organizers of panel studies look for individuals with a high school diploma or GED.

At FocusGroupPanel, you’ll find panel studies in a wide variety of fields, among them:

  • Consumer products
  • Automotives
  • Financial services
  • Gender-based studies
  • Entertainment
  • Food and beverages
  • Social media

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When participating in a panel study, make sure that you join the video conference on time. Share your thoughts on the assigned topic and follow all the instructions given by the organizers.

For one-hour sessions, expect to make anywhere between $75 and $250. If you’re participating in multi-session studies, your total earnings may be between $250 and $3,000.

Did we mention the freebies? In certain product-based studies, you’ll be receiving free samples for your honest review. Every now and then, you might even encounter products that haven’t hit the market yet!

Ready to earn money from your deep insights? Click here to get started on your application.

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