Turn Your Unwanted Gift Cards into Cash with These Websites

Got a bunch of gift cards lying in your junk drawer? It’s time to put them to use!

purple 3d gift card with a ribbon

Are you one of those people who gets excited when they receive a gift card but ends up stacking them in a junk drawer because they can’t use it for some reason? You’re not the only one. 

Suppose you expected a gift card for a pampering session and got a gym gift card instead. Perhaps you were looking forward to a dinner gift card for your favorite Asian restaurant, but you got one for a Mexican restaurant? Not everyone knows you that well. 

Lucky for you, these websites offer ways to turn that pile of gift cards into cash. 

  1. Gameflip

Gameflip is one of the safest eCommerce sites where you can sell your gaming gift cards for cash. It’s kind of like eBay-meets-Upwork, and it’s ideal for gamers. 

For starters, you have to create a Gameflip profile and then list your unused gift cards. Before you decide to use Gameflip, you should know that it takes an 8% cut on all listings and an additional 2% on digital-only listings.

Some of the more popular gift cards include those for PlayStation, Xbox Live, Steam, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can set any price you want, but the advice is to go for a 2% to 15% discount on their value. 

When the buyer completes the transaction, the amount is deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can withdraw your cash via Wise, your bank account, Payoneer, Skrill, or Bitcoin, for which you pay withdrawal fees. You also have the option to keep your balance in the wallet and purchase something from Gameflip. 

  1. Raise

Raise is one of the best apps for selling a gift card at 100% of its value. The most popular gift cards on this marketplace include those for Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Target, and other top retailers. These cards sell for 95% of their value, so if you are not planning on using that Walmart gift card (which would be unusual), you can always sell it on Raise.

The best thing about this eCommerce platform is that you can adjust the price if no one buys your card in the first few days. You can even unlist it if you decide to use it in Walmart yourself. When someone buys it, Raise takes a 15% cut and an additional 1% for shipping. 

You can earn a maximum of 85% if your digital card recoups its value in full. 

  1.  CardCash

CardCash is one of the oldest online marketplaces for selling and buying discounted gift cards. Whether your unwanted card is for Walmart, Target, a restaurant, or a grocery store, you can sell it on CardCash and earn a maximum of 92% of its value. 

CardCash has a quote tool feature where you can check the worth of your gift card and see whether you have to dispatch it via traditional mail. You can also exchange your unwanted gift card for one for another restaurant or store but be ready to pay for the difference. 

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When your gift card finds a buyer, you get paid directly within 1-2 days of order approval.

  1. GiftCash

GiftCash accepts gift cards from over 150 brands. The minimum value is $25 and the maximum $2,000, depending on the brand. The site lets you buy and sell digital and physical gift cards but doesn’t allow swapping or exchanging them for other gift cards. 

You can get as much as 92% of the value of cards from in-demand brands, for example, iTunes and Air Canada. Before you list yours, it’s best to use the quote tool option and find out how much your gift card is worth.

There’s no need to add to that pile of unwanted or unused gift cards. You can either get cash or exchange them for different gift cards, which might be preferable as the conversion rate is higher.

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