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Enjoy the Perks of Remote Work as a Translator at This Company

No offense to technology, but the world can’t be truly connected without human translators.

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You’re passionate about languages and want a job you can do from home. Fortunately, we live in an age where you won’t be lacking in choices. Technology has made remote work readily available, but you should still be careful where you take your talents. We’d like to bring to your attention an opportunity offered by a reputable global platform that specializes in translation services. You have the chance to join a vibrant professional community and help remove language barriers for clients worldwide.

About Gengo

Gengo has been connecting businesses and individuals with top-notch translators since its inception. To date, the company has served more than 65,000 customers, catering to their needs with the help of over 21,000 certified translators. These professionals work with more than 70 language pairs and translate in excess of 5 million words a week. 

To facilitate the work of its specialists, Gengo has built a state-of-the-art workbench, ensuring a seamless experience for both seasoned and novice translators. Since clients can place orders 24/7, Gengo provides the flexibility you need to set your own schedule and work from wherever you desire.

The job

As a translator at Gengo, you will have access to thousands of projects every day, meaning you’ll be able to choose work that aligns with your interests and expertise. Whether it’s technical documents, creative content, or business materials, you’ll find engaging projects that allow you to demonstrate your linguistic prowess.

Qualifications and skills

While you don’t need years of professional experience to start as a translator at Gengo, a strong command of at least two languages and excellent translation skills are essential. The company values linguistic accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to convey nuances and cultural subtleties in translations. 

Pay details

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Your earning potential at Gengo will depend on the demand for your working languages and job availability. On average, English translators make around $417 per month, while German translators can earn approximately $494 per month. Translators working with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean make over $500 a month on average. As you gain experience, you can take the Pro qualification test—passing it will make you eligible to work on more challenging projects and command higher rates.

Don’t worry about invoicing: Gengo ensures a seamless payment process, with translation earnings automatically added to your account.

How to apply

You need to create a free account and take the two-part test to showcase your language skills. The platform also provides valuable resources, helping you prepare and familiarize yourself with the style guide and workbench. Once approved, you can start translating and contributing to a supportive community of professionals, exchanging feedback and ideas on the forums.

Are you ready to make the world a more connected place through language? Take the first step today by applying to become a translator at Gengo!

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