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This Company Will Pay You to Take Photos and Record Videos for Data Collection

That doesn’t sound hard, does it? And it’s really not.

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Customer experience (CX) is vital for just about any company out there. To put it another way, CX can make or break a brand.

To ensure that they are up to date with trends and technologies in this field, companies turn to solution providers with a proven track record in CX. These providers don’t come cheap, but it’s a great investment when the returns happen to be better customer engagement and revenue generation.

Those two things are exactly why TELUS International is a hot brand. One of the most respected CX companies in the world, TELUS gives its clients a tremendous competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Now you can join the fantastic TELUS International team by filling one of its many vacancies. These positions sport different names, but they all focus on one thing: data collection. By employing relatively easy research methods—such as taking photos and recording videos—you can get paid as an on-site or remote freelancer!

More on TELUS International

Care to collect some data about the company you may be joining?

There’s a reason why “International” is part of its name. Back in the mid-2000s, Canadian telecom company TELUS decided to invest in a BPO called Ambergris Solutions. Where do you think this BPO was located? In the Philippines, which is nearly 7,000 miles away!

To realize the potential of Ambergris in the CX field, TELUS went ahead and rebranded the BPO as TELUS International. Over the next decade, the company came to live up to its name by establishing a footprint in several countries. From setting up offices in Guatemala and El Salvador to launching community initiatives in Bulgaria and Romania, TELUS International did the work to emerge as an intercontinental force to be reckoned with.

How exactly does the company address its clients’ CX needs? For one thing, it’s pretty darn good when it comes to harnessing cutting-edge technology. Its suite of next-level solutions includes AI- and bot-enabled services, big data analytics, cloud platform solutions, and app management.

TELUS International also lends a helping hand with safety and security. In particular, it provides content moderation solutions and fraud prevention strategies to beef up its clients’ defenses in the digital realm. In addition, the company advises clients on workforce management, business transformation, and learning excellence.

Here’s something else to admire about TELUS International: its commitment to community development. By establishing community boards in different places across Asia, South America, and Europe, the company has provided financial support to grassroots charities and youth programs.

In other words, TELUS International is an organization dedicated to serving its clients and local communities. Now, you have a chance to support its efforts by nabbing one of its freelance jobs.

What data collection opportunities are on offer?

You’ll be collecting data through these simple methods:

  • Taking photos
  • Recording videos (or having videos recorded) of yourself performing basic actions, such as walking, standing, or sitting
  • Writing short sentences or texts

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Nothing too complicated, right? Here’s something else that is easy to understand: the necessary qualifications. For some data collection jobs, TELUS International is looking for contributors who are at least 18 years of age. In other cases, people in the 13-17 age range may apply as well. Also, the company generally wants applicants who are fluent in English.

Among these data collection jobs, there are on-site and remote options. Whichever you choose, be ready with ID documents for verification purposes.

What’s the pay rate, you ask? Some of these jobs will earn you $50, while certain on-site opportunities can pay $290.

Ready to give TELUS International a try? Click here to explore the data collection jobs offered by the company!

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