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Looking for a New Editing Job? This Platform Has You Covered

Don’t sweat it—this is an editor-friendly agency.

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Ask any full-time editor how many words they process on a weekly basis, and they’ll probably come back at you with a number in the tens of thousands (and we’re being conservative here!). That’s not counting all the periods, commas, apostrophes, parentheses, and other punctuation marks that also require their attention. Let’s not forget the formatting requirements, too. 

Of course, the work of an editor becomes much easier if they’re dealing with pretty good writing. Editors breathe a sigh of relief when they sense that the text awaiting their intervention is mostly grammatically sound and coherent.

Are you an editor looking for a platform with vetted writers and content that won’t give you migraines? You’re in luck—we’ve found a great site for you!

Purecontent is looking for freelance editors. This is your chance to deploy your editing skills and earn good pay (without constantly getting frustrated with the texts you have to clean up).

More on Purecontent

This content production platform was launched in 2007 by David Hobart. One look at his resume gives you a pretty good idea of where his inspiration for this venture came from. Before establishing Purecontent and becoming its CEO, Hobart had immersed himself in photography, digital design, and accounts management.

What does this tell us? Clearly, Hobart knew the value of providing content that exceeds customers’ expectations. He also understood the importance of maintaining strong relations with clients and guiding them to the very end of their projects.

Hobart launched his agency with the intention of providing content that clients would rave about. At present, Purecontent’s services include the following:

  • Effective content: in the digital realm, the quality of content is determined by its capability to draw a massive audience. Knowing that website traffic is vital for revenue generation, Purecontent gives clients what they need. Whether through blog posts, news articles, or localized material, Purecontent helps them attract and retain their audiences.
  • Search engine optimization: here’s a tried and tested way of generating traffic: shooting to the top of search engine results. Purecontent helps client sites become SEO-friendly through the smart use of keywords and in-depth analysis of competing sites. Plus, it can conduct thorough audits of client sites and recommend actions to improve SEO where necessary.
  • Assistance with link building: talking of SEO, we need to recognize that hyperlinks can help sites rank high on search engines as well. Purecontent offers white-hat link-building services that can drive the growth of client sites.
  • Assistance with marketing: quality content alone won’t cut it. To help clients improve their distribution channels, Purecontent employs marketing strategies such as paid media, conversion rate optimization (CRO) marketing, and mind-blowing graphic design.

Currently, the company offers content services in over 120 languages and has so far been responsible for over 10 million indexed client pages. That sounds like an awful lot, but when you take into consideration the agency’s workforce of 750, you realize that collaboration is the key.

Now, you have a chance to join this trusted company. As brilliant as Purecontent’s writers are, their work can still benefit from the expert touch of meticulous editors.

What can this company offer you?

Purecontent offers three guarantees to its workers.

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First, its editors and writers get to enjoy flexible hours. These are freelance positions, so Purecontent team members get to decide when and where they work. Plus, there is no requirement for a minimum output!

Second, Purecontent team members have access to a strong support system. Through the constructive feedback and detailed advice of the agency’s management team, editors and writers can achieve professional growth. We should also mention that Purecontent uses a really nice content management system. 

Lastly—and this is probably what you’ve been waiting for—Purecontent offers competitive rates in recognition of the expertise that editors and writers bring to the table.

Ready to join the Purecontent team? Click here to get started on your application!

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