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Love Motorcycles? This Site Will Pay You to Write Articles About Your Beloved Bikes

Rev up your content production engine!

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What fuels a person’s passion for motorcycles? Depends on who you ask.

Some riders love the practicality of these machines as city traffic is getting seriously terrible and motorcycles help them weave in and out of tight spaces. Others are all about the visual aspect—customizing the wheels, decals, and other fine details. Still others will talk about the spirituality of the ride. (Don’t mess with these people—it can get really ugly really quickly!)

The point is that the league of motorcycle lovers is growing in numbers rather rapidly, and all of these people are always searching for outlets that cater to their fierce passion.

Are you a die-hard bike enthusiast itching to start in-depth conversations with fellow fans? If so, you’re about to discover a fantastic opportunity.

TopSpeed, a leading online destination for car and bike lovers, is looking for freelance motorcycle writers. If you have comprehensive knowledge and a deep love for this industry, it’s a job you should check out!

More on TopSpeed

TopSpeed was launched in 2003 by Philippe Daix, an automotive enthusiast who now resides in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area. 

Having studied business administration and management at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Daix has poured his entrepreneurial savvy into multiple ventures. In 2000, he launched a private equity firm called Daixtech, which manages a variety of digital assets. Then, in 2002, he co-founded the site, which would be acquired by Gorilla Nation/EvolveMedia six years later.

Daix’s most successful project, however, would have to be TopSpeed—a site he has written hundreds of articles for! Over the years, Daix has been joined by several other dedicated writers who love to get to the nitty-gritty of automobiles. As a result, the TopSpeed platform now offers many types of fascinating reads for car and motorbike enthusiasts everywhere.

So, what type of content would you typically find on TopSpeed? When you visit the site, expect to come across the following:

  • The latest news on product reveals and updates
  • Listicles that fearlessly rank vehicles in specific categories (Are you wondering about the fastest SUVs in the world or the best luxury cars under $70,000? Well, wonder no more!)
  • Special features on automotive company founders and influencers, as well as vehicles and collections that evoke nostalgia
  • A plethora of free car games that are sure to eat up your free time (Seriously, all that racing and drifting is highly addictive.)

Plus, the brain trust behind TopSpeed is fully aware of car lovers’ brand loyalty, which is exactly why the site has a brand-specific directory of its online content. If you want to gobble up nothing but Maserati articles or posts with the Porsche tag, this directory will get you what you need!

Given this sumptuous content feast, it’s no surprise that Valnet sought to add TopSpeed to its massive collection of digital brands. (Valnet is the multimedia group that also owns Screen Rant, Game Rant, Collider, and MovieWeb.) Valnet acquired TopSpeed in 2022, and we can expect that the platform will benefit from the wide distribution network of its parent company.

Meanwhile, TopSpeed can use more hands on deck to keep up with the content demand of its global audience. If you want to share your motorbike passion and boost your writing career, you need to seize this freelance opportunity before it’s too late!

What does this job entail?

In this remote, contractual position, you’ll be asked to do the following:

  • Contribute at least five articles on a weekly basis.
  • Submit each piece on time.
  • Collaborate with the lead editor.
  • Apply the lead editor’s feedback to improve the quality of writing in subsequent submissions.

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In this job, you’ll get flexible working hours and a whole lot of Slack (the communication platform, obviously).

What are the necessary qualifications?

TopSpeed is looking for enthusiasts who have deep knowledge of the motorcycle industry (both in terms of present-day culture and historical development). The site also expects applicants to have impeccable writing, editing, and research skills, so mastery of the English language is a must.

When you apply for this post, be ready with your CV, cover letter, and online portfolio. (That last bit isn’t really required, but it can give you an edge over the competition!)

Ready to join the TopSpeed team? Click here to get started on your application as a freelance motorcycle writer!

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