6+ Ways to Get Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. Here’s how to get it.

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It is pretty safe to say that everyone likes free stuff, and you have to admit, it can be exciting to get something with little to no effort involved. Free stuff just feels better; it is like winning a trophy just for existing! There are more ways to get things for free than ever before, but without knowing what is out there, how can you take advantage of the opportunities?

That’s where we come in. Many companies will pay you for doing things you already do, like watching TV. There are all kinds of expensive products (like software) that often have free alternatives. Sometimes your return on an investment can look like free money straight to your wallet, or maybe the government owes you money that is just sadly sitting in a vault all alone, waiting for you to claim it. 

Call it a bonus, call it a prize, or just call it a reward for living in this economic climate, but you are entitled to more than you think! We have compiled some avenues for you to wander down if you are ever curious about how to get your hands on some freebies. Check them out in the roundup below.

  1. Free money by investing
  2. Free money for watching TV
  3. Free money you’re owed
  4. Free parental leave (if you live in the right place)
  5. Free software
  6. Negotiate to add free stuff to your purchases
how to get free stuff
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