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Want to Earn Big Money as a Virtual Assistant? This Website Will Help You Get Started

As you’ll find out, you can do more. So much more.

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At first glance, the virtual assistant (VA) job seems like a lot of fun. It’s a remote position, you can take on other gigs to supplement your income, and you have more flexibility to enjoy leisure activities and R&R. A pretty good prospect, right?

Reality check: It’s not as easy as it looks. Communication issues, different time zones, distractions, and the stress of multitasking are just some of the problems hounding VAs around the world. The truth is that they deal with concerns that transcend the four walls of a home office.

Are you a VA in dire need of guidance, or are you simply curious about the industry and want to give this job a try? Either way, we’ve found the right place for you.

Check out VAnetworking, a comprehensive platform for VA resources and training. With VAnetworking, you’ll learn to navigate the VA industry with ease. The hope is for you to realize the vision of its founder: “I want you raking in those six figures as soon as possible.”

More on VAnetworking

Speaking of the founder, she’s got an amazing story.

1997 was a year of turmoil for Tawnya Sutherland. She was laid off, her marriage fell apart, and she could no longer use her car after it was involved in an accident. As she recounts, “I didn’t like feeling poor. I didn’t want to rely on the food bank.”

Tough as those circumstances were, Sutherland resolved to turn things around so she could provide for her three young kids. As she scoured the internet for jobs, she came across a posting called “virtual assistant.”

Sutherland wasn’t familiar with this term, but she summoned her courage and decided to take things to the next level. Instead of just working as a VA, she made plans to start her own VA business. That way, other people unfamiliar with the VA industry could learn as much as they wanted.

Sutherland got the ball rolling with Mediamage Business Solutions, which facilitated VA and marketing services. In 2003, she doubled down on the VA niche with the launch of the Virtual Assistant Network.

Over time, the business that would eventually become VAnetworking gained serious momentum. Through the vast learning resources provided by Sutherland, thousands of students have enjoyed success as VAs or as owners of their own VA agencies.

For the good work it’s done in the industry, VAnetworking has received press coverage from Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest, and Dr. Phil. If you got to know all VAnetworking has to offer, you’d see what all the fuss is about.

How can VAnetworking help you thrive?

First off, VAnetworking offers a bunch of free stuff. 

To be exact, you can sign up to claim 10 freebies, which include:

  • Helpful checklists (such as “200 services a VA can offer their clients” and “Virtual assistant start-up”)
  • Insightful video clips
  • Worksheets that help you compute your hourly rate, map out your VA tasks, keep tabs on your prospective clients, and more

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That’s not even counting the articles and blog posts that you can access on the website! Read up to your heart’s content, and find out as much as you can about what it takes to succeed as a VA.

If you’re willing to invest a great deal more, you can choose to enroll in the Virtual Assistant Career $uccess System. This training program covers it all: the fundamentals of VA, time management, office space management, branding, pricing, marketing, online presence, and scaling.

The $uccess System offers three different tiers, but you can rest assured that whatever tier you opt for, you’ll get to participate in coaching sessions led by Sutherland herself. Hey, if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

To see the numerous testimonials on the effectiveness of this program and find out more about what Sutherland and her team have to offer, visit This could very well be your key to succeeding as a VA!

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