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Try Amazon Prime for 30 Days and Get Free Shipping (And Lots of Other Free Stuff!)

Plenty of perks at no cost at all? Sign us up!

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Free trials aren’t all that complicated. For a certain period of time—say, a month—you gain access to products and services that you don’t have to pay for. After sampling them, you can cancel your free trial, no questions asked.

These free trials tug at your heartstrings by whispering, “Do you really want this awesome experience to end?” Clicking “Cancel” is easier said than done, especially if you’ve been enjoying the fantastic perks of Amazon Prime.

This top-caliber subscription offers services, content, and deals that are hard to look away from—and even tougher to turn down once you get a taste. 

Of course, for long-lasting delight and convenience, you can pay $14.99 a month to avail yourself of an Amazon Prime membership. However, if you want to savor Prime’s perks without paying a single penny, all you have to do is make the most of your 30-day free trial.

What free stuff will you get to enjoy in this glorious month? Here’s a glimpse.

No. Shipping. Fees.

We’ve all been there: We pat ourselves on the back for getting a product at a great price, only to realize with a jolt moments later that there’s an add-on. While we all understand the need for shipping fees (because, duh, how can your purchase get from point A to point B?), forking over an additional chunk of money can be extremely irksome.

With the Prime free trial, you don’t need to worry about this at all. For 30 days, you get free shipping on millions of items that are marked as same-day, one-day, or two-day delivery. In other words, you’ll get your purchase in quick order and without any additional shipping cost. That’s a win-win!

Free content for hours on end

If shopping isn’t your thing (gasp!), perhaps entertainment is.

Prime has your content needs covered. Want to binge-watch a great series or be wowed by a thrilling documentary? With your Prime free trial, you can access more than 20,000 titles on Prime Video. (How many times can you watch The Terminal List on a loop over a 30-day period? Go grab some popcorn!)

If it’s great audio that you’re looking for, Amazon Music is the place to go. Get your groove on as you explore the vast music catalog and gobble up the words of wisdom offered by a plethora of podcasts. All that great audio content is at your fingertips for a month—at no cost at all.

Plenty of reading material to go around

Speaking of words of wisdom, ever heard of those things called books?

With your Prime free trial, you gain access to Prime Reading—an extensive library that offers fiction, nonfiction, illustrated materials, and many other categories of text. Through the Kindle app, you can tickle your inner bookworm pink by reading as many titles as you can within 30 days.

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Prime Reading also offers books that have an accompanying Audible version. If you prefer to listen to your novels or self-help books, Audible is your friend. 

* * *

These are just a few of the benefits that’ll come your way if you avail yourself of a Prime free trial. For 30 days, you get free shipping, excellent entertainment, plenty of reading material…and more.

To start your free trial, click here. Enjoy your free stuff!

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