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This Financial Services Company Could Have Just the Remote Job For You

Word of advice: Claim it!

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In today’s professional landscape, a lot of people would be happy to gain secure access to income data.

On the one hand, employers look for reliable sources of income data to make well-informed decisions about their next hires. On the other hand, employees need a secure channel for income data so that their prospective bosses can have a clearer picture of their profile.

Enter Argyle, a comprehensive financial data platform that satisfies the needs of both parties. With Argyle, payroll connectivity is enhanced and better decisions can be made by hiring managers and rank-and-file workers alike.

Here’s the catch: While you can certainly avail yourself of Argyle’s services, you don’t have to settle for that. You can actually get hired by this company on the rise!

Just so we’re clear, Argyle offers remote opportunities. That’s right: Operating from the comfort of your home workspace, you can be a strong asset to this organization.

Background of the company

Argyle was launched in 2018 by Audrius Zujus, Billy Marsden, and Chris Hansen. While Marsden and Hansen have moved on to new business ventures, Zujus remains with Argyle as its chief technology officer.

According to the About section of its website, Argyle is anchored on four core values:

  • What’s good for people is good for the business. This concisely sums up the company’s consumer-centric approach.
  • Data is owned by the individual it represents. Data privacy and security, anyone?
  • Goals are meant to be rigorous. Essentially, this is another way of saying “Don’t rest on your laurels.” (Seriously, you shouldn’t.)
  • Don’t be creepy. Instead, the company strives to “earn the trust of our customers and users through a policy of total transparency.” (We’ll admit that this value statement is not the most straightforward passage ever written. Still, it makes sense!)

To date, Argyle has raised $77.6 million in funding thanks to six well-established investors that include Bain Capital Ventures and Checkr. Though a relative novice in the industry, this New York-based company continues to find ways to innovate income data solutions across 19 different countries.

Fun fact: Did you know that Argyle has exactly zero offices? The official website makes it perfectly clear that the company is “committed to our remote-first, asynchronous approach.” Keep in mind that Argyle began its operations before the COVID-19 pandemic, which means it’s been way ahead of the curve this whole time.

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting organization to work for?

How can you fit into Argyle’s plans?

Argyle employs more than 150 team members, but it can certainly use more help. That’s where you come in.

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Here are some work-from-home opportunities offered by the company:

  • Backend engineer—API
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Software engineer
  • Head of product

If you’re fortunate enough to get hired by Argyle, you get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Equity by way of a “meaningful stock package”
  • Flexible policy for personal time off
  • Home office allowance
  • Flexible working hours

Want to be part of a global team that thrives on remote work? Take a shot at joining the Argyle workforce by visiting its Careers page.

Think about it: how many people can say that they make valuable contributions to the industry of income data? With Argyle, your professional profile takes a sizable step forward.

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