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Want a Successful Writing Career? Get Started with This Writer-Friendly Platform

You’ll find plenty of tools and plenty of writing jobs.

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Here’s a question for all writers out there: How many tabs do you usually juggle when you’re crafting a piece? You probably have one open for the assignment board, another one for writing tips, a third for your research, and probably a few more for assorted stuff.

It’s bound to happen: A writer needs tons of inspiration. What if there was a platform that offered you a lot of the good stuff?

You might still have to press Alt + Tab a bunch of times, but at least what you’re looking for is mostly in one place!

The name of that platform is Smart Blogger, which brands itself as “one of the largest websites dedicated to writing and blogging.” On top of the great features you’ll find on this site, you can take your pick of various writing jobs that can earn you extra cash.

More on Smart Blogger

If one of those writing jobs happened to be the biography of the website’s founder, it would be one heck of an assignment!

Time and time again, adversity has visited Jon Morrow. He was born with spinal muscular atrophy, which gradually deprived him of the ability to move all parts of his body except his face.

He went on to try his hand at a number of industries, including video games and real estate. However, with huge gains came huge setbacks: When the real estate market crashed, Morrow lost $3 million. No matter how you slice it or how much Morrow made from his other ventures, that is a lot of money lost.

The turning point came when Morrow decided to give blogging a try. Refusing to let his disease hold him back, he employed speech recognition technology to turn his sharp insights into beautiful write-ups.

Morrow churned out one viral blog post after another. Adopting the “Mr. Blogger” persona, he was able to carve his own niche in the online writing industry. In 2012, he went on to launch Smart Blogger, a site filled with resources to ensure the success of writers across the web. These resources include:

  • Insightful writing strategies
  • Sound advice on the business of writing
  • A podcast centered on writing (hosted by Morrow himself)
  • Links to external resources, such as Grammarly (for assistance with self-editing), SiteGround (for web hosting), and OptinMonster (for lead generation)

How can you earn money from Smart Blogger?

Just updated: 50+ Ways to Make Money (including 30+ work from home jobs)

More ways to make money:
FlexJobs – Find remote and flexible jobs in over 50 career fields from all over the world.

Swagbucks – Earn free gifts and cash-back rebates by searching the web, playing games, watching videos, shopping, and more.

Writers Work – Find freelance writing jobs and publish your articles, all while working from home. – Get free stock just for signing up for this investment app.

While the aforementioned features of Smart Blogger are all helpful, writers would perhaps consider its jobs board the crème de la crème.

To get an idea of the diversity of assignments available on this site, you can check out the different filters on the board’s search bar:

  • Job type: You’ll find full-time and part-time jobs, as well as gigs that are classified as commission, contract, and freelance.
  • Remote work: This category has subcategories! You can choose from fully remote, mostly remote, and partially remote writing jobs.
  • Skills: various gigs will require specialization in content writing, copywriting, email copywriting, social media, and SEO.
  • Benefits: Smart Blogger enables you to search for jobs based on the benefits offered (such as insurance and pension)!

Assignments on the jobs board provide a detailed description of the responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. All you have to do is to find a writing job that best suits your profile. Once you pass the assessment for that writing job, it’s off to the races!

Ready to pick up your next writing gig? Head to the jobs board on the Smart Blogger website and start earning!

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