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Want to Thrive as a Content Writer? This Site Can Help You Get There

Exciting projects await you!

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There are many ways for a brand to attract customers. It can, for example, come up with a fancy logo and a catchy tagline, maybe even secure a celebrity endorsement or two.

The thing is, a 15-second Snoop Dogg clip will cost a company a lot. Like, an awful lot. Thus, instead of hoping that the Doggfather will settle for a discount, brands turn to content marketing.

Blogs and social media posts are nowhere near as costly. More importantly, they have also proven their worth in terms of attracting and retaining an audience. For this reason, companies around the world are constantly in search of excellent content to boost their marketing efforts.

Are you a writer equipped with the skills these companies need? If so, you may have just found your next career stop!

Purecontent is a content marketing agency looking for freelance writers to help it cope with the tremendous demand from its international client base.

More on Purecontent

Prior to launching Purecontent, David Hobart had held a variety of jobs, among them photographer, managing director of a design agency, and account director. 

Hobart understood the power of producing compelling content and properly interfacing with clients. When he established his agency in 2007, he envisioned it as a content provider that would give companies the extra push they needed in terms of visibility.

Over the years, Purecontent has expanded its suite of services to keep up with the trends in the fast-paced world of marketing. Its current offerings include:

  • Outreach: Purecontent helps its clients scale their link-building. Through its bespoke outreach strategies and massive database of international publishers, the agency enhances its clients’ search engine visibility and boosts their ROI.
  • SEO: Speaking of search engines, Purecontent transforms client sites into SEO-friendly platforms. It achieves this by maximizing keywords, conducting competitor analysis, and meticulously mapping out content strategies.
  • Marketing: Whether clients are looking for paid media, graphic design, or social media assistance, Purecontent has them covered. 

As impressive as these offerings are, the heart and soul of Purecontent remain its exemplary content production services. From impeccably written blogs and news articles all the way to localized texts and eCommerce aid, Purecontent continues to live up to its name.

In its 15+ years in the content marketing niche, the agency has accounted for more than 10 million indexed client pages across various search engines. Its workforce of over 750 writers produces great content in more than 120 languages.

With no plans of hitting the brakes any time soon, Purecontent continues to find ways to expand its reach, which includes hiring more freelance writers. 

Interested? Read on!

What can you expect from this job?

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Purecontent writers get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Competitive rates (since those writing jobs are no walk in the park)
  • Steady support (which comes in the form of professional feedback and an awesome content management system)
  • Flexible hours (because creativity cares naught for clocks, yes?)

Be sure that you have a strong internet connection so that you don’t run into any problems regarding deadlines or updates from the company.

You’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be working with a seasoned team of project managers. As a dedicated professional, you should be able to check your ego at the door so that you can be receptive to the feedback your supervisors provide. By following their advice, you’ll be setting yourself up for future success.

Ready to see what the future holds at Purecontent? Click here to start on your application as a freelance writer!

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