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Want to Get Paid to Write About Shopping? This Company Needs You!

Those shopping sprees will be well worth it.

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Admit it: In 2009, you went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic.

In case you forgot, this movie centers on journalist Becky Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher), who has a serious shopping addiction. This turns out to be a gift and a curse for Becky, whose writing career goes on a rollercoaster ride because of her shopping habits. 

Nothing like good, harmless fiction, right? Actually, there are a couple of factual tidbits here.  First, shopping addiction is real. (Seriously, it is.)

Second, you can make a living out of shopping. No need for fancy cameras or a compelling Hollywood script—you just need to be a skilled writer.

This company needs you, shopping enthusiast!

So, who’s hiring? That would be LoveToKnow Media, a digital content provider eager to have you because of your shopping (and writing) prowess. Founded in 2005, the company has a very 21st-century mission: “Making the world smarter.” LoveToKnow Media does this by running digital brands dedicated to serving up “clear, credible, and comprehensive content.”

How can you not feel smarter after perusing its various services?

  • LoveToKnow focuses on female empowerment through articles on family, relationships, home living, health, and financial wellness. (That last part is what we would love to know about!)
  • YourDictionary consolidates online dictionaries and thesauri “in one authoritative, easy-to-use place.” (Bet you didn’t know the plural form of “thesaurus” is “thesauri,” eh?)
  • WordFinder discovers all possible words for every set of letters you type in. (As far as Scrabble goes, this is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.)
  • GolfLink gives you tons of information about the sport. (Let’s face it, we all come across as cultured members of high society when we talk about golf.)

This is what the job entails

Given these intelligence-boosting brands (seriously, that golf thing?!), you can see how writing about shopping fits in with this company.

What will LoveToKnow Media ask of you? As a commerce writer on its team, you’ll be doing research (read: browsing online shopping outlets to your heart’s content) on various products. You’ll then channel that research into roundups and gift guides. Expect to do two to three write-ups every week.

There will also be times when you have to engage with “subject matter experts.” (We’re guessing this refers to manufacturers and distributors, you know, people that benefit from your shopping sprees on Amazon.)

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Most importantly, commerce writers need “to demonstrate an eagerness to continuously improve commerce content creation and understand the basics of commerce content performance.” (Translation: Do your job well. It’s work from home, for crying out loud!)

To apply for this remote job (which is available only in the U.S. and Canada), you need to have at least two years of experience when it comes to writing commerce content. You also need to be enthusiastic about “researching, selecting, and driving sales on products from around the internet—especially those available on Amazon.”

Yes, those shopping sprees will finally pay off. If your credit card perks up every time online shops run a sale, you might as well try to recoup some of your expenditures through the endeavor of professional writing.

Who knows? If you thrive in this job, Isla Fisher could use a co-star in the sequel.

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