Want to Manage Your Finances Better? Try This Amazing App

Isn’t it neat to manage all your money from one place?

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As technology continues to change our lives, people increasingly take advantage of it to manage their finances. Still, while money management has largely transitioned from paper to digital, it may not always be easy to get a handle on it.

However, the question you should be asking yourself is, “When do I start my financial planning?” The sooner you take control of your finances, the better prepared you will be for the future.  

Want to keep all your finances in one place? This may be the right app for you.  

The app with superpowers

There are apps out there that help you organize, analyze, plan ahead, and take better control of your money. This is exactly what Tiller is all about. 

How exactly can Tiller help you control your spending? 

The key feature of the app is letting you connect all of your accounts (it integrates with more than 21,000 banks) and import your banking data into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Everything—daily spending, taxes, debts, income, and account balances—is in the app and within a click. 

Needless to say, you don’t need any other app: Tiller is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to manage your financial life.

How does Tiller work? 

As mentioned above, Tiller uses a budget spreadsheet to organize your financial life. You don’t even have to be a skilled Excel user: The app automatically updates your banking data, so you don’t have to input it manually. 

In addition, you can categorize your assets, create your own spreadsheet, or customize one of the many pre-formatted templates. 

Tiller even sends you a morning email with your recent transactions and balances. Isn’t that great?

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One of the many perks of using Tiller is the knowledgeable and considerate U.S.-based customer support crew. You’ll know you are in good hands every time you have an inquiry. 

Additional features and benefits 

Tiller is undoubtedly one of the best budgeting apps out there, which is due to the following features and benefits:

  • No ads: You won’t come across any ads while using Tiller, which is not the case with many personal finance apps. 
  • Bank-grade encryption: No need to worry about someone hacking your accounts since your financial data is protected with secure 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Sharing spreadsheets: Tiller ensures secure collaboration at no extra cost. 
  • Privacy: The app doesn’t sell your data to third parties.
  • Open banking data: This means you can share bank data without sharing passwords and usernames. 
  • Data deletion: You can request to delete your Tiller account but still keep the data on your Google or Microsoft spreadsheets for your private use.

Finally, Tiller is not free to use, but with a price tag of $6.58 per month or $79 per year, it’s not going to break the bank, and you can cancel at any time. In fact, you may be more inclined to use an app you have to pay for rather than any offering its services for free.

Want to stick to your budget no matter what? Then download the app and start your free trial with Tiller. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

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