Are You a Student? Get Amazon Prime at 50% Off

Student discounts AND perks? That’s an A+ right there.

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What’s a lesson that students learn outside the confines of their classroom?

Yep, you guessed it: making a tight budget work.

With their limited financial capability—unless, of course, they’re the child of some A-lister—students unleash their creativity to fit all essentials into their weekly or monthly allowance. Though this is a great stepping stone to good financial habits, there’s no denying that living with limited resources is tough.

It’s a good thing then that Amazon Prime is paying attention.

Full-time college students will be happy to know that they can avail themselves of Amazon Prime Student. Essentially, this is a version of Prime tailor-made for students, taking into account their needs, preferences, budget, and all.

The perks of Prime Student

For starters, Prime Student offers a six-month free trial. Yes, you read that right: For half a year, you get to use Prime Student for free. In contrast, the regular version of Prime, just like many other subscription services, offers only a 30-day trial version.

If you’ve been using Prime Student and like what you see in the free trial, you can continue using it for $7.49 a month. That’s half of what you’d have to pay for a regular Prime subscription!

So, what would entice you to become a full-fledged subscriber? There’s a plethora of features to get you excited about Prime Student. First, to help you with your transition into the professional world, Prime Student gives you six months of free access to LinkedIn Premium. 

During that time, you can capitalize on LinkedIn’s expert-led learning courses, InMail credits, and valuable insights on profile views. In the cutthroat environment of job hunting and recruitment, these tools can be super useful.

Of course, there’s that saying about all work and no play. Since music is a huge part of college leisurely pursuits, Amazon gives students a great deal to enjoy listening to their favorite tunes. For $0.99, Prime Student members get one full year’s subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited—a catalog of around 90 million songs. 

After this free year, members can continue to avail themselves of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $4.99, which is $4 less than the subscription fee paid by regular Prime members. Isn’t that music to your ears?

In addition, Prime Student gets you up to 10% off on flights and 10% back on hotel bookings. Through the StudentUniverse membership, you can get these great discounts along with premium customer support.

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Then, there’s the whole host of features enjoyed by regular Prime subscribers and Prime Student members alike. These include:

  • Prime Delivery (which facilitates coast-to-coast delivery for more than 15 million items)
  • Prime Video (because you cannot afford to miss a single episode of The Boys, right?)
  • Prime Reading (which gives you access to eBooks, audiobooks, and even comic books)
  • More shopping options with Amazon Warehouse (a catalog of pre-owned, used, and open box items) and Prime Exclusives

How to get your hands on Prime Student

Who’s eligible for Prime Student? That’d be college students who are 18 or older. An Amazon account is also required, as is a valid university email address and other supporting documents, such as your student ID, a letter of enrollment, or a record of tuition fees.

Obviously, a Prime Student membership will also land you with a bill, but given all the perks, it’s well worth it.

(Oh, did we mention that Prime Student gives you a free month of Course Hero? Think of all the valuable homework help that you’ll get! Those essays on Shakespeare can be very tricky, you know.)

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