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Live in Luxury on the Sea in This Solar-Powered UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

It sounds way better than a penthouse in New York.

blue underwater space with light going through the surface

Do you feel that the world is getting too small for you? You want to swap people for nature? If so, the Anthenea deluxe pod offers the perfect escape! It takes “off the grid” to a whole new level.

Sailing around the world in a 560 sq ft luxury floating pod sounds like a dream come true for those who don’t suffer from sea sickness.

The floating dome suite that meets the standards of famous international hotels has a spa room and offers an unforgettable experience to 12 people. (Can we get an invitation, please?)

From fiction to reality

The inspiration for this UFO look-alike was the 1977 Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. The villain, Karl Stomberg, lives in a deep-sea citadel named Atlantis that floats off the coast of Sardinia. Villain or not, he surely had the ocean view many fantasize about.

One big fan of the classic movie was Jean-Michel Duacancelle, a French naval architect who took inspiration from the villain’s lair and turned it into a livable, fully functional, luxury space. 

The interior design was entrusted to none other than iconic French couturier Pierre Cardin, who made the pod both sustainable and stylish. 

What to expect

The deluxe pod has so many features, starting with an adjustable sunshade roof and a fancy rooftop bar. A 360-degree view of the ocean will have you waking up in awe. And cooking with an underwater view and submarine windows? Yes, please!

The residents have three separate living areas to enjoy. Aside from a large lounge room, there is a bedroom equipped with a circular bed and a hot tub as well as a rooftop relaxation area that can fit up to 12 people.  

It gets even better: The interior is customizable, meaning you can purchase add-ons, like a wood stove or a desalination system. 

Looking down the pod, you will see a glass bottom perfect for underwater landscapes. Does it get any better? Actually, yes!

Don’t let the design scare you. This floating dome beats a boat in terms of stability and can resist a cyclone. Do you get seasick? Don’t despair. The pod has stabilizing ballasts, which should help mitigate sea sickness. 

Moreover, the sea-saucer is designed for the luxury traveler with sustainability in mind. It is solar-powered and furnished with eco-friendly materials. On top of that, it boasts certified black and gray water stations, meaning the water that flows back into the ocean is clean. 

Luxury, safety, and eco-friendliness—why wouldn’t you want one?

Oh, right, the price.

Ready to splurge?

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Luxury living takes money. A pod like this can set you back over half a million bucks. However, if you want to enjoy it for a few days, you can rent it for $336 per night. 

In case you wish to check it out in person, you can visit a showroom located in Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast) on the south coast of France.

If you have half a million to spare, you might turn this pod into your second home or, even better, an investment! Many would choose to live in such a pod instead of a penthouse in New York any day. 

So, whether you are a Bond enthusiast, an environmentally conscious nomad, or a honeymooner, Anthenea won’t disappoint.

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