This Website Gives You a Chance to Travel the World AND Spend Time with Adorable Pets

Who knew that pet sitting could be so fun?

woman sitting on a couch holding a cat

The internet is such a wonderful place, don’t you think? Sure, it’s been used for nefarious purposes more times than we can count, but thankfully, there are plenty of other instances that show how this infrastructure can be used for good.

For example, what if we told you there’s a website that caters to the needs of pet parents, house sitters, and travelers eager to save money on hotels?

This isn’t the pipe dream of some ambitious web designer. It’s a real thing, and it exists at this very moment.

This website is called Trusted Housesitters, and it does kill many birds with one stone. Wait, scratch that: The affection for pets is so strong on this platform that even idiomatic expressions won’t fly if they mention any kind of violence toward our animal companions, winged or otherwise. 

Let’s just put it this way—Trusted Housesitters looks out for the welfare of humans and animals alike. In short, every creature is as happy as a lark!

Background of the company

Surely a platform this unique has a compelling backstory? It absolutely does, and quite frankly, it’s Netflix-worthy material.

Trusted Housesitters is the brainchild of Andy Peck, a U.K. citizen who had two close brushes with death during his international travels in 2010. In one instance, he contracted altitude sickness while hiking in the Andes. Andy got separated from his group, but fortunately, he was rescued by another band of trekkers.

Shortly after this near-death experience, he traveled to Thailand to do some soul-searching. There, he was struck down by an immune system disorder that led to a hospitalization period of roughly five weeks.

Weary from both episodes, Andy decided to pursue a different type of healing: spending time with a pet. He ended up becoming a pet sitter for a dog named Dave, who was living in a house located in the Spanish countryside. (Yep, this guy travels a lot!)

Between a couple of harrowing experiences and a soothing intermission in the company of his canine buddy, Andy had plenty of time to hatch a big idea for the years to come. After spending time with Dave, he made up his mind to create a pet care service, which he did in 2010. 

Actually, “house and pet care” sounds more like it. Andy’s idea was to help pet parents find reliable pet sitters who would ensure the safety and maintenance of their homes as well. That way, pet parents could enjoy a worry-free vacation, resting assured that their pets and places of residence were in good hands.

As it turned out, it was a pretty good idea. More than a decade after its launch, Trusted Housesitters facilitates pet- and house-sitting services across 130 countries. In 2021, the company secured its first major capital injection when Rockpool Investments provided it with $10 million via a Series A funding round.

With this money, Trusted Housesitters plans to strengthen its presence in the U.S. How many pet parents across America will jump at the chance to use the company’s one-of-a-kind service?

How it works

Well, wonder no more. Trusted Housesitters keeps its procedure quite simple for those seeking to explore new opportunities through pet and house sitting (while also cutting certain expenses).

The first step is to create your profile. You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account, along with your valid email address. An important part of this sign-up process is selecting your sitter plan. As you’ll see in the Pricing section of the website, there are three tiers you can choose from:

  • Basic Sitter ($129 a year)
  • Standard Sitter ($169 a year)
  • Premium Sitter ($259 a year)

While annual membership on this platform is rather pricey, think of it as an investment of sorts. By settling your membership fee for the next 12 months, you gain access to a plethora of house-sitting opportunities that may as well be your #travelgoals. Plus, this is one heck of a deal as far as accommodation goes (just think of the sky-high hotel rates you’d have to deal with otherwise).

Once you become an official member, you’ll be able to see posts requesting services from pet sitters and house sitters. These posts will have photos and descriptions that help you visualize the next locale you could be headed to.

You can then send applications to individuals you’d be interested in providing your services to. In turn, they’ll be able to see your profile, which includes your track record and character references.

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Before you close the deal with any pet parent, you can communicate via direct messages and calls to make sure that every detail is crystal clear. Once you and the pet parent are on the same page, you can start making those travel plans!

When you get there, you’ll essentially be enjoying free accommodation. That’s way better than having to foot the bill for a hotel room that costs something like $140 per night. (Yikes!)

Do your pet- and house-sitting jobs well, and the pet parent will leave you a great review, which will be reflected in your profile. In turn, this feedback will make you look great in the eyes of other pet parents, who will then give you your next assignments. Virtuous cycle at its finest, don’t you think?

If you’re ready to give Trusted Housesitters a try, head over to the official website and get started on your profile. Who knows? By this time next week, you might be kicking it back with a furry new friend in a picturesque countryside.

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