How Can You Tame Living Costs in the U.K.? Simple: Compare and Save

Finding cheaper offers has never been easier.

hand holding a black wallet with british pounds

As U.K. inflation soars, people are looking at different ways to trim expenses and save money. With budgets under severe pressure, many are hunting for better deals, hoping to find offers that will help them save on utility bills, fuel, and food. Some are cutting their insurance policies to reduce expenses.

Did you know you can save a lot of money by using price comparison websites? Any of them will help you get an idea of the amount you will spend on whatever it is you’re checking up on.

These websites don’t sell you a product. They simply give you quotes from insurers and make their money from advertising, clicks, and sponsored listings.  

There are some big-name comparison websites out there, but we’ll focus on one that covers many lesser-known types of insurance and financial products: MyMoneyComparison

MyMoneyComparison at a glance

MyMoneyComparison is a U.K. insurance comparison website regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Headquartered in Leeds, it has been operating since 2013, so there is no doubt it’s legit.

The website shows you prices and details of various bills and financial products, from car, home, and life insurance to mortgages and broadband. 

It even compares subcategories, for example, classic car insurance and modified car insurance. 

Advantages of using MyMoneyComparison

One thing that sets MyMoneyComparison apart from similar websites is the wide range of products it covers. It will give you prices and details on personal loans, utilities (such as mobile phone monthly contracts), and all types of insurance. 

The other benefit of using MyMoneyComparison is the niche products it compares. You can easily get quotes for categories such as taxi insurance, driving school insurance, ice cream van insurance, convicted driver insurance, and more. 

Downsides to using MyMoneyComparison

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Like most price comparison websites, MyMoneyComparison asks for your contact information to give you the quotes. You will receive a bunch of emails trying to sell you some of the products you compared.

The other downside is that MyMoneyComparison doesn’t show you which insurance or financial product companies are not included in the comparison, which is the case with all such sites.  

Get a quote today

If you live in the U.K. and are looking to cut costs, you should check out this website. There is nothing to lose but your contact details. Once you are in, you can compare hundreds of brands to get a cheap quote, whether to renew your insurance policy or switch energy suppliers.  

While cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better, this website will help you compare prices so you can choose the one that suits you the best. Either way, you will start saving money.

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