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Looking for a Content Writing Job? This Site Has You Covered

Write to your heart’s content!

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Where the internet is concerned, content is currency.

No business or brand can hope to thrive in the digital space without a steady stream of articles and social media posts. Content drives traffic, traffic attracts advertisers, and advertisers…well, they write the fat checks.

Because of this, companies turn to content producers and marketing firms. With a constant flow of content, brands can expand their reach and bolster their revenue generation.

Want to work for a company that supplies content to digital properties? Are you a prolific writer looking for the next work-from-home opportunity? If so, we’ve found the right website for you!

ShoutVox is looking for freelance writers who can provide valuable assistance to multiple businesses. Monetize your writing skills by taking advantage of this great opportunity!

More on ShoutVox

Billed as a “boutique digital content marketing firm,” this New York City-based company began its operations in 2012. In the decade since, ShoutVox has done great work for its clients by offering consultation and analysis, strategy generation, content production, and deployment.

In essence, ShoutVox follows these four steps:

1. First, it analyzes the competition. ShoutVox closely examines the companies competing with its client in order to craft an appropriate marketing strategy.

2. Next, it selects content. ShoutVox will look at its arsenal of content mediums to determine the tools that best suit the client’s needs. Its content suite includes the following:

  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • Courses
  • Social media
  • Contests
  • Thought leadership

3. ShoutVox will then create content by tapping its talented writer pool.

4. Lastly, ShoutVox will secure the approval of the client and publish the content across digital platforms.

Through this process, ShoutVox helps companies elevate their profiles and maximize their returns on investment. If you want to get in on this action, read on!

What will your responsibilities be?

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be handling as a freelance writer for ShoutVox:

  • Produce excellent content that will engage the client’s target audience.
  • Learn about the firm’s content marketing efforts.
  • Closely collaborate with the content management and marketing teams.

What qualifications do you need?

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To land the position of freelance writer at ShoutVox, you need to have:

  • Firm grasp of SEO strategies and conversions
  • Promptness in meeting deadlines
  • Strong collaborative skills

Also, you need to be ready with links to three published works of yours so that the firm can have a good idea of what you bring to the table.

With your writing prowess, you can help ShoutVox achieve its mission, which is “to assist small businesses in generating more leads to meet sales targets.” In the process, you can make good money while working under remote arrangements.

Ready to join the ShoutVox team? Click here to get started on your application!

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