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Want to Make Money as a Pet Sitter? This Platform Will Make It Happen

Calling all dog and cat lovers: Now’s your chance!

woman holding a dog and a cat in her lap

Nowadays, pet sitting is more than just a favor for a friend. It’s a paid job that can fetch you some big bucks.

Sure, you can go around the block and ask your neighbors if they plan to go on a cruise any time soon, thus creating the need for someone to look after cute little Spike. If this doesn’t sound very efficient to you…well, that’s because it isn’t.

Luckily, Rover has you covered.

With Rover, you can join a robust workforce dedicated to the welfare of dogs and cats across the U.S. (Actually, that’s selling the company short as Rover has already expanded its operations to Canada and Europe.) If taking care of pets is your passion, Rover has a spot with your name on it.

Background of the company

Rover was founded in 2011 by Aaron Easterley, Philip Kimmey, and Greg Gottesman. All three men had great entrepreneurial minds, and they also happened to be dog lovers.

As the co-founding trio came to learn, it took far more than love for animals to stimulate the growth of their startup. A 2018 Geekwire article quoted Gottesman as saying, “A lot of smart people told us early on they didn’t think Rover could be a big business. I think what they missed is the market was always far bigger than kennels or other professional service providers.”

Fortunately for Rover, a good number of investors decided that the company’s vision was worth pursuing. As financing poured in over the ensuing years, Rover went from being a novelty act to an industry leader capable of buying out a competitor or two. In 2021, it generated $109.8 million in revenue, or 16% higher than in the previous year.

It’s safe to say then that Rover is a classic example of passion translating into financial success. You’ll become part of a well-established company in the pet-sitting industry if you make up your mind to join Rover.

What does Rover have to offer its users?

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As a pet sitter for Rover, you could be tapped to offer any of the following services:

  • Boarding. You can bring someone’s pet to your home, where the animal will stay overnight. (Pro tip: Pet sitters who offer board and lodging to a critter tend to earn more than those who don’t!)
  • House sitting. Alternatively, you can head over to someone’s residence to be both a house sitter and a pet sitter.
  • Dog walking. This gesture means a great deal to our canine buddies. Little Spike could surely use a walk around the neighborhood.

Other services include private pet training, drop-in visits, and—here’s a cute term—doggy daycare.

To sign up as a pet sitter on Rover, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Set up your profile. Through your profile, you can let customers know what animals you specialize in and what prior work you have engaged in.
  2. Set up your schedule and accept requests. Once you set up your profile, you can start to consider pet-sitting requests based on your availability.
  3. Get paid for the services you render. Typically, pet sitters receive their payments two days after the service period is completed.

Ready to offer your services as a pet sitter? Head over here to set up your Rover profile. With this platform, your passion for animals will translate into a good income and even better memories with adorable dogs and cats.

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