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Become an Underwater Explorer with This $825,000 Self-Propelled Aquanaut Suit

And you better not scratch it.

underwater coral reef

No, this is not another Tony Stark suit although the perky Avenger might fancy one for his collection. 

You can actually buy this sci-fi-looking self-propelled diving suit and become a subaquatic explorer. Whether you’re a professional diver or a thrill-seeking adventurer, this might be just the armor you need. 

You can say bye to scuba gear now. 

Into the depths 

Why spend a lifetime training to fly to space when you can explore the uncharted depths of the Earth’s oceans and seas? With this suit, you can access coral reefs, hunt for shipwrecked treasure, and encounter underwater creatures you have never seen or heard of. 

In 2014, scientists plunged 1,000 ft underwater to collect green fluorescent protein to aid cell research. Guess what they used to armor up in? The Exosuit—an aluminum outfit designed by Nuytco Research, similar to the self-propelled aquanaut suit.

The suit

Heavy and bulky, the suit, as the name suggests, is self-propelled. This means that the diver doesn’t have to do anything but sit there. The movement of the arms and legs is optimized with 24 sealed and integrated A536 aluminum alloy rotary joints, while 1.6-horsepower thrusters help the diver move vertically or horizontally and rotate. This means you can traverse the ocean floor without taking a single step. 

Guess what else? This super cool suit comes with 50 hours of life support, allowing the diver to roam the deep alongside its dark and deadly inhabitants for two days. That’s some serious thrill right there!

But wait, it gets even better! The aquanaut suit can record everything with a high-definition video camera, which is built-in and shoulder-mounted. In addition, two 150-watt LED lights illuminate the surroundings, so the photos and videos will be pretty amazing. 

Do you think you will get lonely down there? Think again! There’s an integrated intercom system that helps the diver communicate. 

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A camera to film uncharted ocean depths, a walkie-talkie, real-time monitoring, 50 hours of oxygen, and thrusters—who wouldn’t want a diving suit like that?

Smooth diving

You will likely encounter a few challenges 1,000 ft underwater, wild creatures and rough terrains being just a couple of examples. However, this suit will keep you safe. You can go as deep as 1,250 ft while it is connected to a vessel through the umbilical straps. Aside from supplying you with oxygen, it makes sure you’re warm the entire time. 

If you have $825,00 to spare, one such suit can be yours. 

If this still doesn’t scratch your aquatic itch, look for the suits designed to take you 2,000 ft deep, but be warned—they can set you back a lot more than $825,000.

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