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This Job Pays You More Than $4,500 per Month to Post Social Media Updates from Home

Your social media skills are about to pay off.

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When Mark Zuckerberg launched a social media website called The Facebook in 2004, his goal was to help Harvard students interact with one another. In a similar vein, Jack Dorsey came up with Twitter in 2006 to facilitate small group communication.

Did either of them have any idea how many jobs they’d be generating in the future?

Two decades later, social media platforms like Facebook (no “the,” thank you very much) and Twitter are creating employment opportunities that none of us could have dreamed of back then.

The need of present-day companies to harness the full power of social media has led to the creation of the job we now know as “social media manager.” If this profession sounds enticing to you, BELAY might just be your next workplace. How does $4,500 a month—or $1,162.50 a week—sound to you?

Be a social media manager for BELAY

This virtual staffing solutions company is looking for social media managers who will serve as a “client’s indispensable partner.” What “indispensable” work is this, you ask? It’s the strategic planning and administration of the client’s social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

If you have even one social media account, you’re well aware that these digital platforms are powerful tools for business. Therefore, a BELAY social media manager needs to do a damn good job of handling the following responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with the client in order to come up with a marketing plan to be executed via social media
  • Conceptualizing content themes and neatly laying them out across monthly plans
  • Publishing and coordinating content for the client’s social media platforms (with content ranging from tweets and status updates to blog entries and multimedia posts)
  • Responding to comments and DMs in consultation with the client (This can be tricky, given all those flowery words that commenters tend to use.)
  • Constantly improving social media strategies by utilizing data collected through measurement tools and summarized in progress reports

All of these responsibilities will be carried out with one simple end goal in mind—to enhance engagement across the client’s social media channels. Make no mistake about it: In the digital realm of the 21st century, social media engagement is the fuel of business expansion.

Do you have what it takes?

To apply for this job, you need to be a bachelor’s degree holder. If you’ve had experience with remote work, that’s a plus for you.

Speaking of work from home, you need a designated workspace furnished with a Mac or PC (minimum 1.0 GHz dual-core processor), as well as a webcam and the latest version of MS Office. Your internet connection needs to be speedy and reliable (no surprises here).

This job is available in all states except for California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. (Sorry, guys.) You need to be willing to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours per month, and you also have to be available during working hours from Monday to Friday. 

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Knowledge and experience are particularly valuable for this position. You need to be well aware of social media guidelines, best practices in digital marketing, brand management, and media strategy. 

In addition, you should have already dipped your toes in social media management and analytics tools, the creation of content for social media channels, and the execution of social media initiatives.

While this is an independent contractor role, bear in mind that BELAY expects you to be available during business hours.

If you’re ready to be the best social media manager you can be (this job title sounds so 21st century, right?), head over here to submit your application. Believe it or not, your ability to come up with catchy tweets and status updates is about to pay off.

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