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Looking for Remote or Hybrid Work? This Freight Tech Company Will Deliver

You can get things moving quickly…in your career, that is.

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Most of us only think of the freight industry when we’re checking for free shipping.

If you step back and put things into perspective, you’ll realize the profound significance of this industry in today’s consumerist society. Without all those ships, planes, trains, and trucks, how could you ever get your hands on that sweet merch you ordered from halfway across the country (or halfway across the world, for that matter)?

Here’s the reality of it: The business of transporting cargo is bigger than you think. It also offers various job opportunities in case you’re interested.

Loadsmart, a logistic solutions provider, is looking to fill vacancies that entail remote and hybrid work. Want to earn a living as you help the freight industry move things at an even faster pace? Here’s your chance.

More on Loadsmart

Loadsmart was launched in 2014 by Felipe Capella and Ricardo Salgado. For a 2021 article on news site AFN, Capella (a law school graduate who hails from Brazil and serves as CEO of Loadsmart) summed up the company’s identity as follows:

“Loadsmart is a digital freight technology company leveraging AI, machine learning, and other technologies to efficiently connect carrier supply with shipper demand. Our technology not only automates how freight is priced, booked, and shipped, but it provides visibility into how to optimize your business.”

If we take a closer look at the sophisticated services provided by Loadsmart, we’d see three distinct categories: solutions for shippers (the entities that own the goods), solutions for carriers (those that transport the goods), and solutions for warehouses.

  • Shippers can instantly get a bookable quote that won’t be affected by price changes or load givebacks. With 24/7 account support, shippers can be assured of quality operational management that covers everything, from scheduling to delivery. With Loadsmart, shippers have access to a network of 46,000 vetted carriers. (Talk about options!)
  • Carriers can get paid within 24 hours of an invoice being approved—it’s that fast! Loadsmart has a strong defensive system against fraud and also assures carriers of transparency through comprehensive transaction reports. Carriers can also boost their efficiency through truck management, dock scheduling, and other Loadsmart features.
  • Warehouses can save money on labor costs when carriers do all their scheduling through Loadsmart’s online platform Opendock. Thanks to this innovation, warehouse staff don’t have to deal with a flood of inbound calls and emails. Through Opendock, real-time status updates and dock appointment data can also be accessed for optimal warehouse management.

What can you expect from the work environment?

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You can find your niche within the Loadsmart organization, which has a number of job vacancies in fields like customer engagement, logistics, marketing, and sales.

According to the Loadsmart website, company values include teamwork, commitment, and clarity. You can expect nothing less from the hybrid and remote jobs offered by this employer.

Wondering what’s in it for you? The perks enjoyed by Loadsmart employees include the following:

  • Industry-competitive compensation
  • Comprehensive health coverage
  • Social events such as company-sponsored functions and training sessions
  • Stock options

To find out more about the work environment and browse available jobs, head over to Loadsmart’s Careers page. (Fingers crossed that this company’s perks will someday include free delivery vouchers!)

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