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This Corporate Travel Company Will Help You Fly High with This Work-from-Home Job

Spoiler alert: This job will get you great travel perks.

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Let’s talk about the business travel industry.

In 2019—right before the pandemic hit—over $1.4 trillion was spent worldwide on corporate travel (as per CNBC). Just like everything else, this industry took a hit when COVID-19 happened, but get this: Even after that hit, business travelers across the globe still shelled out a total of $697 billion!

These numbers are no joke at all.

Here’s something else to think about: It’s not just hotel and airline owners lining their pockets. Even those involved in business travel management have been raking in the big bucks as corporate clients pay them handsomely to take care of all travel-related matters.

In other words, working for a business travel management company can earn you some solid income. Curious to explore this work opportunity?

If you are, head over to FCM Travel, which bills itself as “the alternative corporate travel company.” FCM stands out in the travel industry thanks to its efficient solutions powered by both sophisticated technology and skilled workers. Specifically, the company is looking to hire an online systems trainer. This full-time remote job could very well be yours!

More on FCM

Since June 2004, FCM has provided exceptional travel management for mid-sized and large businesses. 

For nearly two decades, this company has been strengthening its global reach, currently offering corporate travel services in more than 97 countries. With offices in major cities such as London, New York, and Singapore, FCM runs a 24/7 support system to meet clients’ needs in virtually all time zones. 

On top of the outstanding services enjoyed by its clients, FCM does great things for other beneficiaries. For one, it is committed to promoting a culture defined by equality, equity, and respect for diversity. In addition, the company has launched initiatives and established key partnerships to advocate waste and emission reduction, as well as efficient energy consumption.

For its exemplary performance in the travel industry (and beyond), FCM has received a number of accolades. These include Most Supportive Travel Agency at the 2020 Travel Daily Awards, North America’s Leading Travel Management Company at the World Travel Awards (for 10 years running, at that!), and Travel Partner of the Year – Global TMC at the 2022 Business Travel Awards.

Sounds appealing? You can be a part of this glorious culture. Here’s how.

What can you expect from this job?

To qualify for the work-from-home post of online systems trainer, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have knowledge of the travel industry OR experience with delivering blended learning solutions
  • Have excellent communication skills

You get bonus points if you are familiar with FCM’s online booking technology and happen to be equipped with design skills.

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Here are some of the responsibilities that will fall on you:

  • Facilitate training sessions that help customers learn how to use FCM’s online booking tools.
  • Help design training sessions tailored to meet individual customer needs.
  • Ensure that all digital training resources (such as eLearning modules and video tutorials) are accessible and up-to-date.
  • Ensure participant retention by coming up with a post-session reference guide.
  • Closely coordinate with onboarding teams and account managers.

Ultimately, the online systems trainer should aim to drive online booking adoption. By offering blended learning solutions, you can help FCM do great business with well-informed clients.

The estimated salary for this job is between $51,000 and $71,000 a year. Perks offered by the company include travel discounts, paid time off, 401(k), and vision, medical, and dental plans.

Ready to fly high with FCM? Click here to get started on your application!

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