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Ready for Your Next Remote Gig? This Agency Is Hiring Executive Assistants

Your skills in data entry and task management will pay off.

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Leaders don’t have to do everything. No matter how versatile and flexible a chief executive is, there will always be limits to how far they can push their physical and mental capacity. Just like any of us, leaders need help.

We’re not talking about heavy-duty stuff such as making hiring decisions and mapping the course of the company. Something as simple as data entry or task management can go a long way in terms of making life easy for corporate bosses. As a matter of fact, people get paid to play this crucial role for executives everywhere.

Want to earn money by taking on this role? We’ve found a company offering the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Hamilton Raye, an agency that specializes in administrative support, is looking to hire a work-from-home support admin. If you’re equipped with clerical skills that can smooth day-to-day operations for a company leader, this is one job opportunity you should definitely check out.

More on Hamilton Raye

Hamilton Raye was founded by Amanda Hamilton, a veteran of the corporate retail industry. Having been immersed in production and sourcing, she developed sharp organizational skills, as well as adaptability to heavy workloads and difficult environments.

Was Hamilton able to foresee the difficult environment that would emerge in 2020? Probably not, but as fate would have it, that was the year she launched her agency. While the pandemic was extra rough on thousands of companies the world over, Hamilton Raye found a way to endure.

How? There are two sides to the story. On one side, business owners were scrambling to find workplace solutions. With just about all of their employees mandated to stay at home, they had to come up with ways to somehow resume work operations.

On the other side, rank-and-file staff members were facing an uncertain future. Unable to report to their physical workplaces, they couldn’t really know if they would remain employed as the pandemic tightened its grip.

Hamilton Raye proved to be a viable solution for both parties. The agency was able to provide virtual assistance to company leaders with plenty on their plates, and it also offered employment opportunities to people who had to work from home.

At present, Hamilton Raye provides an array of services that include online marketing, document creation, and travel planning. Its crown jewel is, of course, its vast pool of skilled executive assistants who help their clients with varied clerical tasks.

Want to jump into this pool? Read on!

What can you expect from this job?

To qualify as a work-from-home support admin, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least two years of experience in administration, project management, or operations
  • Be available for at least 10 hours per week
  • Have excellent communication, critical thinking, and time management skills
  • Have strong organizational skills
  • Be able to multitask

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You get bonus points if you have remote work experience.

Here are the responsibilities you’ll have in this role:

  • Cater to the client’s needs throughout the week.
  • Perform data entry work.
  • Organize documents.
  • Prepare reports and slide presentations.
  • Provide assistance in managing tasks and projects.

The hourly pay rate is $20 to $23. Since this is a part-time position, you will have the flexibility to set up your schedule. In this way, you can optimize your job performance and take advantage of other income-earning opportunities.

Ready to give it a shot? Click here to get started on your application!

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