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Got a Soft Spot for Animals? Dive into the Vet Industry with This Remote Job

You help the vets, they help the animals, and everyone’s happy.

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Animal care has come a long way. 

As early as 3000 BCE, various civilizations were practicing rudimentary forms of veterinary medicine. In ancient China, acupuncture was used to treat lame horses. In Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, the proper handling of cattle, dogs, and fish was well-documented.

In the 21st century, veterinarians are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the services they render. They don’t scribble their insights on papyrus sheets, but even digital platforms can be refined every now and then!

Efficiency and refinement are exactly what Vetsource has to offer. By supplying animal healthcare providers with tech solutions, Vetsource makes life easy for veterinarians so that they can make life easier for their precious patients.

Would you be interested in earning a living by participating in this worthwhile venture? If so, get your resume ready—Vetsource has a remote job offering for you!

Vetsource is looking to hire a practice success specialist to bolster the ranks of its inside sales team. If you have what it takes to boost earnings and enhance operations, you’d better grab this work-from-home opportunity while it lasts.

More on Vetsource

In 2008, David Laurence and Tom Friar had plenty of motivation to launch Vetsource.

For one, the online market was expanding rapidly, and it was only natural that veterinary practice—something that both Laurence and Friar were passionate about—would enter that space. Of course, animal healthcare providers would need an assist in order to gain serious traction on the web. Vetsource, Laurence and Friar decided, would offer that assist.

Having dabbled in the pharmaceutical industry, the two founders certainly knew what they were doing. Realizing that animals also need efficient treatment and intervention, Laurence and Friar designed Vetsource as a platform that would significantly speed things up for veterinary services.

As Vetsource expanded its offerings—from prescription and home delivery of medicines to eCommerce and data management—clients kept coming back for more. As a result, the company grew to the point where it started acquiring other veterinary-related ventures. Between 2018 and 2020, Vetsource bought companies such as VetSuccess and Vet2Pet, increasing its market share in the process.

At present, Vetsource has more than 600 employees, along with a number of offices across North America (including its Portland, OR headquarters). The company has room for you, and you don’t even have to worry about commuting to one of its facilities.

What can you expect from this job?

To qualify as a work-from-home practice success specialist, you need to have the following:

  • An associate’s degree (though a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is preferred)
  • At least two years of experience in sales, customer service, or a related field
  • Effective interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Excellent time management skills

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You get bonus points if you have previous animal health experience.

Here are some of the responsibilities that will be entrusted to you:

  • Engage Vetsource customers via phone, email, and video.
  • Effectively communicate Vetsource solutions to customers in response to their queries.
  • Drive revenue generation by providing a positive customer experience.
  • Assist animal healthcare providers in generating solutions to logistical concerns.

The estimated salary for this position is $54,797 per year. Perks offered by Vetsource include paid parental leave, professional development initiatives, and various types of insurance (including, of course, insurance for your beloved pet).

Does this job sound like the cat’s meow to you? If it does, click here to get started on your application!

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