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Want to Thrive as a Virtual Assistant? This Company Has You Covered

VAs everywhere, unite!

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There has never been a better time to become a virtual assistant (VA).

Though this occupation has been around for many decades, certain technological and cultural developments have led to a boom in the VA industry. For one, the internet exploded, making it easier for executives to source skilled workers for some much-needed assistance. 

The need for remote assistance grew exponentially when COVID-19 swept across the globe and forced thousands of companies to adapt their day-to-day operations. Even as the new normal takes concrete shape, the demand for VAs remains pretty high.

Got plans to thrive in this industry? If so, we have just the platform for you!

Fancy Hands is one of the leading names in the VA arena today. If you believe you can be a dedicated assistant to an administrator or a business owner out there, Fancy Hands is your portal to success.

More on Fancy Hands

VAs are near and dear to Ted Roden’s heart. 

During a particularly prolific period in the late 2000s—he was a New York Times employee, book author, and new father all at the same time—Roden counted on assistants sourced from Craigslist to manage his hectic schedule.

Here’s how a Business Insider feature frames this pivotal development: “The Craigslist assistants helped him schedule meetings and make dinner reservations, but more importantly, they gave [Roden] some sanity at a crazy point in his life.”

Invigorated by the support these VAs provided, Roden decided to launch a platform that would allow other busy individuals to enjoy the same benefits. In effect, he was giving back to the VA community by creating another platform that would enable them to earn money. (Good karma is a thing, folks.)

In 2010, Roden launched the Fancy Hands site. It was so well-received that he was able to quit his day job at media tech venture In the years that followed, the popularity of Fancy Hands rose thanks to coverage by TIME, Forbes, Slate, and The New York Times (Roden’s old stomping grounds).

At present, the VA services offered by Fancy Hands are enhanced by efficient solutions that include:

  • Recurring requests that allow clients to easily set up assignments that have to be accomplished more frequently than others;
  • Accessibility through various channels, such as email, SMS, phone, and smartphone apps;
  • Usage statistics that show the impact of virtual assistance on a client’s day-to-day endeavors.

In the end, all these tech solutions take a backseat to the heart and soul of Fancy Hands: the VAs themselves. Interested in becoming one of them? Read on!

What can you expect from this job?

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To become a VA on Fancy Hands, you need to have:

  • Excellent reading comprehension and written communication skills
  • A computer and a strong internet connection
  • Knowledge of various fields
  • A sense of independence and initiative

Here are some of the responsibilities attached to this role:

  • Promptly schedule appointments.
  • Place phone calls on behalf of your client.
  • Accomplish data entry tasks.
  • Compare prices for a certain product and determine the best price available.
  • Look for hotels that meet the client’s criteria.

As a VA, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own hours. When you begin your stint at Fancy Hands, your initial pay will be between $3 and $7 per task. As you progress in your VA career at this company, the pay rate will go higher.

Ready to capitalize on the opportunities offered by Fancy Hands? Click here to get started on your application!

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