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Are You a Freelancer? Find a Plethora of Opportunities on This Online Platform

Writers, designers, and editors are all welcome here!

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If creativity could be bottled up, brands would probably stock up like crazy.

These days, there is always a need for online content. Articles, images, videos, and other creative works are constantly in high demand due to the fact that websites and social media have become the most prominent marketing platforms.

What this means, of course, is that there are plenty of work opportunities for skilled professionals. Securing one-time assignments is great, but winning the trust of a company can be a career jackpot for a creative mind.

Are you a freelancer looking for their big break? If so, you’ll want to check out this platform.

Skyword is looking for prolific creatives who can satisfy the content needs of elite brands. If you have what it takes to tell the story of a business in a compelling manner, Skyword is the ultimate destination for you!

More on Skyword

Skyword was launched in 2010 by Tom Gerace, who once worked as a senior business analyst at Harvard Business School. 

Prior to establishing Skyword, Gerace amassed extensive marketing experience. In 1995, he founded Be Free, a marketing platform that worked with over 450 eCommerce companies in 10 countries. (Four years after its launch, Be Free became a publicly traded company.) Gerace also launched the Social Media Ad Consortium (SMAC), which sought to establish clear standards for social media marketing.

By the time Gerace established Skyword, he had already gained an abundance of insight into the power of the internet to fuel brand growth. Skyword was to become a destination site for freelancers looking to boost their careers.

At present, the platform offers three main types of services to commercial enterprises:

  • Content strategy that is enabled by sophisticated intelligence tools and a brilliant team of experts
  • Content creation and distribution supported by a three-layer editorial review and efficient approval workflows
  • Data and insights that help companies perform in-depth marketing analysis to improve their distribution strategies 

Though advanced technology plays a huge role in the comprehensive suite of services offered by Skyword, the pillar of this company remains its massive pool of freelancers. Try this on for size: Since 2010, Skyword’s freelance writers—who hail from more than 50 countries, by the way—have been responsible for generating around 2 billion page visits for client companies!

In turn, these skilled workers have earned a total of around $30 million. If you want to join this thriving team, read on!

How can you earn money on Skyword?

Skyword provides work opportunities to a variety of freelancers, including:

  • Content writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Video editors

If you’re a Skyword aspirant, the first thing you need to do is to set up your profile. This is how you can let clients see your skill set, work experience, and other key details about your expertise. Plus, your profile will allow you to display samples, which can make a great first impression on your prospective clients.

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Another important detail in your profile is your location. Skyword prides itself on its ability to globalize and localize content. Thus, if you ensure that your location is up to date, clients from certain regions can see that you’d be a great fit for their projects.

Once your output is approved internally, it enters the Skyword pay cycle, ultimately resulting in your fee being transferred via PayPal. (Get this: You won’t be charged any withdrawal fees. Yay!)

Skyword, by the way, is open to accommodating freelancers outside the United States. Essentially, this company is saying that talent is talent, and no matter where it comes from, it’ll find a home on its platform.

Ready to take your remarkable skills to Skyword? Click here to get started on your application!

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