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Are You an Accounting Whiz? This Website Needs Experts Like You

Unleash your accounting superpowers!

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What happens when a company makes a couple of accounting errors? It can’t be that bad, right?

Well, that company could wrongly estimate its income. Consequently, it won’t have an accurate picture of the cash on hand to pay bills. Plus, it could end up overpaying taxes, not to mention that its staff would all be stressed out trying to set the records straight, and…

You catch the drift.

It’s clear that companies should make their absolute best effort to ensure impeccable accounting practices. Sometimes, that means looking beyond the in-house staff and tapping outside experts to answer some tricky questions.

BIDaWiz makes life easier for companies by providing expertise in accounting. With BIDaWIZ, they benefit from solid advice and exceptional accounting work done by trustworthy professionals.

Would you happen to be one such professional? If so, we’ve got great news: BIDaWIZ is offering work-from-home opportunities!

More on BIDaWIZ

Accountant Ryan Himmel knows what it’s like to deal with tricky questions. Confident that he’d be able to help resolve their concerns, Himmel’s friends and family asked him accounting-related questions time and again.

Instead of getting worn down by all the inquiries, Himmel decided to turn this question-and-answer process into a business. In 2008—right in the middle of the Great Recession—he launched the BIDaWIZ website to connect accountants with individuals and organizations in serious need of advice. (Talk about timing, huh?)

To level the playing field, Himmel introduced a bidding component to the process. When a client posts a question on the website, “Wizards” (the catch-all term for experts such as accountants, financial planners, and professors) submit bids to indicate how much they expect to get paid to answer that question. The client can choose one of the bidders and start communicating with them. At the conclusion of this interaction, the Wizard gets paid. Simple as that.

As time went by, BIDaWIZ started to garner attention. Coverage from media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Accounting Today, and Phoenix Business Journal helped the site attract more clients. Soon, BIDaWIZ was appearing in the pages of The New York Times and Forbes.

At present, BIDaWIZ offers tax services alongside its proven model of bidding for advice. All told, more than 10,000 clients across the U.S. have been on the receiving end of exemplary assistance from experts they’ve encountered on the site. 

Perhaps you can become one of the experts that clients reach out to.

What can you expect from this BIDaWIZ gig?

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To qualify as a Wizard on this site, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a degree from an accredited university within the U.S. (Note: If you have a degree from a non-U.S. university, BIDaWIZ might require more application details before making a final decision.)
  • Have a CPA or enrolled agent license
  • Have minimum two years of experience in professional accounting and/or tax work
  • Have excellent communication, comprehension, and analytical skills
  • Have exceptional computer skills

You will also be undergoing a background check as BIDaWIZ needs to ensure that all your records are on the up and up.

By answering questions and offering tax services on BIDaWIZ, you get to grow your client base without having to pay signup fees or overhead costs. Perhaps the best part about this gig is its flexibility: You can share your expertise just about anywhere!

For more details, visit the BIDaWIZ site. Get started on your application by filling in the form here.

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