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Like Sharing Your Opinion? This Site Will Pay You to Participate in Online Surveys

The internet is a job-hunting playground, and this may be the right game for you.

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Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money? Do you have a bit of free time on your hands? If so, you are in luck as we’ve found something for you. 

Nowadays, employment opportunities are just a click away. There are tons of remote jobs out there, from virtual teaching and freelance writing to online surveys and paid reviews. 

Are paid online surveys worth it?

The answer is yes and no. Contrary to popular opinion, you can make enough money to pay part of your bills by participating in online surveys. That, of course, depends on how much time you can spare and the effort you’re prepared to put in. 

If you want to find out how to make money by taking part in paid online surveys, this site is an excellent way to start.

A site that rewards its members

Toluna Influencers is a global online community with over 21 million users in 50 countries. These users share their opinions by participating in online surveys in exchange for points that can be redeemed for gift cards, products, vouchers, or competition entries or converted into cash for your PayPal account.

Based in Connecticut, this market research provider has been a leading survey site since 2000. 

How does it work?

First, you will need to sign up. After activating your account, you will be asked to complete profile surveys that allow the platform to match your profile with the right surveys. These profile surveys cover many different topics, such as:

  • Finance
  • Employment
  • Home and family
  • Parents
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Shopping 
  • Automotive
  • Travel

There are 13 profile surveys in total, which you will need about 20 minutes to complete. 

You will get paid in points. Each completed survey earns you 100 points, or 1,300 for the 13 surveys.

Once you reach 3,500 points, you will receive $1. This means that one survey pays 37 cents, or an average hourly rate of $3.43. That’s not much, but if you have a lot of free time on your hands, it’s better than nothing. 

Once you earn enough points, you can choose the reward you want. As mentioned, the points can be redeemed for gift cards for popular retailers such as Amazon and Walmart and restaurant chains. You can also choose to cash in your points using your PayPal account. 

Inside Toluna Influencers

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The platform offers many surveys, some of which take under 10 minutes to complete. The difficulty level also varies, with some surveys consisting of open-ended questions and others involving more time-consuming charts. 

To make things easier and faster for its users, Toluna Influencers launched a mobile app, but it is limited to surveys only, while the website lets you access a variety of community features. You can participate in community polls and discussions or play games on the site, whereas the app doesn’t allow that. 

If you have more questions about the platform, you can find most of the answers here

In summary, doing paid online surveys won’t substitute a full-time job or other remote work, but if you have nothing going on, you can use your free time to earn some extra cash.

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