This Site Will Help You Achieve Financial Independence with Great Insurance Coverage

Choosing a great insurance policy can work wonders for your financial well-being.

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Are you, by any chance, part of the FIRE movement?

No, this isn’t a troupe of circus performers boasting the ability to shoot flames from their mouths. Rather, this is a movement whose followers have a burning desire to save big and retire ahead of schedule.

You see, FIRE stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” It’s characterized by a strong sense of frugality, which manifests in extreme discipline when it comes to savings and investment. The end goal of all that skimping? To achieve total financial independence and retire early.

Even when they retire, FIRE proponents withdraw just 3% to 4% of their accumulated savings to get by every year. This might not sound like much, but remaining frugal in retirement allows these folks to sustain their financial resources for a long, long time.

Interested in this financial movement? Let’s get real here first: Most of the economic infrastructure around you doesn’t exactly support this kind of long-term minimal spending. Heck, all the mass media are tempting you to splurge on a fancy-looking car or dinner at some trendy restaurant!

Thank goodness then for SureLI.

SureLI is an insurance provider fully committed to helping people achieve the objectives of FIRE. By finding great rates on life insurance, SureLI steers you in the direction of financial independence, with early retirement as the finish line.

Here’s how SureLI ignites the FIRE

The SureLI process begins when you review the rates offered by several carriers. As an independent agency, SureLI can go through dozens of carriers so that its clients can take their pick of the best rates. Whereas other insurance providers work with just a handful of options, SureLI offers a plethora of them. 

After you narrow down your choices, you can communicate with one of SureLI’s coverage designers (a nice term for insurance agents, don’t you think?). During this exchange, the coverage designer will be asking you to choose between single-policy coverage and laddering policies.

If you opt for single-policy coverage, you’ll be selecting just one policy to cover the entire term. By doing so, you’ll be entitled to premium discounts thanks to tiered pricing levels. The single-policy strategy makes for a great pick if you’re not quite sure about when you can lower your benefit amounts.

When you choose laddering policies, you’ll be adding layer upon layer of smaller policies that have different maturity dates. Not only will this strategy lower your monthly and lifetime premiums, but it will also provide you with a set schedule for decreasing your benefit.

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Once you have designed your insurance policy in accordance with your financial goals, the final step is to review and sign your new policy. All told, this whole process requires only a few minutes.

Thanks to SureLI, clients have been able to save thousands of dollars on their monthly payments. Plus, they’re assured of even more savings in the future as SureLI policies can be designed so that there won’t be excessive payments even as you achieve personal milestones (like, say, finally paying off your mortgage).

With this kind of service, you can move one step closer to the FIRE. (Relax. It’s FIRE, not fire.)

To set the wheels of your financial independence in motion, find the best insurance options at SureLI today!

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