15+ Investing Tools and Guidelines to Make Life Easier

From real estate, to stocks, to futures, to crypto, the below posts and tools will help make investing easier.

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Investment evangelists often have a specific area of passion. You have likely already met a Bitcoin bro who wants to convert you to the wonderful world of crypto, or perhaps you have crossed paths with a real estate entrepreneur who is certain that now is a great time to buy up a bunch of properties. You nod along, listen to their spiels, and think it sounds great, but as soon as you get on a search engine and try to do your own research, you have already forgotten the specific details of what you have been told. 

You might remember a buzzword or two, but how can you know which type of investment is right for your lifestyle and financial situation? How are you supposed to invest if you are currently in debt, and what is compound interest, anyway?

Making an investment does not have to be complicated, though people frequently like to clutter the subject with bloated jargon and conflicting advice. If you are looking for some resources that are a little easier to understand—and you do not feel like wading through ten pages of Google to find every random blogger’s tips and tricks— then start investing in yourself and building your toolbox by reading the linked content below.

  1. Ask yourself: Can you really beat the market?
  2. Choose a high-paying career
  3. Consider the ROI of having a professional overhaul your resume
  4. Consider these methods to make passive income
  5. Consider which assets traditionally appreciate and depreciate
  6. Dig deep to find all capital you can invest
  7. Invest in starting a business
  8. Invest in your education
  9. Invest in your personal productivity (with up to a 42% increase in your output)
  10. Review these tips for making $1,000,000
  11. Sell your collectibles
  12. Think about paying off high interest debt before investing
  13. Understand how your relationship with money changes over time
  14. Understand the amazing effects of compound interest
  15. Utilize crypto investments wisely
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