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This Job Allows You to Work from Home on Your Own Schedule and Offers Up to $980 per Week

Are you a good judge of character?

hand touching a holographic display with candidates

Let’s face it: Sizing people up is a talent in and of itself.

If you happen to have a knack for predicting how complete strangers will behave—particularly in the context of a workplace—there’s a work-from-home opportunity that’s yours for the taking.

BairesDev, a major provider of nearshore technology solutions, is looking for a remote data entry specialist to join its ranks. By maximizing your skills in this data entry post, you can help BairesDev expand its formidable team of digital acceleration experts. 

Simply put, BairesDev relies on people, and if that’s your expertise, there are plenty of great reasons to join this team.

Company background

For one, BairesDev is good at what it does. As in, really, really good.

Founded in 2009, the company takes great pride in facilitating the digital transformation of its clients. As a matter of fact, its client list speaks for itself, boasting Fortune 500 corporations like Google, Pinterest, Rolls Royce, and Burger King. These brands have benefited greatly from BairesDev’s top-caliber services, which include mobile, web, and software development; UI/UX design; cybersecurity; and artificial intelligence.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the heart and soul of BairesDev’s operations: its tech talent. In order to ensure that it hires the cream of the tech industry crop, the company implements a comprehensive evaluation process that includes tech stack tests and coding tasks that have to be accomplished in real time.

So, there is a premium on the effective selection of tech talent to join the BairesDev team. That’s where you come in.

Qualifications and responsibilities

As a data entry specialist, you’ll be lending your expertise in the recruitment area. 

Specifically, you’ll be tasked to help out with the identification and initial communication with potential candidates. You’ll also be reviewing the applications that come through BairesDev’s various job portals.

In addition, the company will be counting on you to evaluate the recruitment process and come up with better ways to go about the selection process. BairesDev expects data entry specialists to be proactive team players who can communicate proficiently in English.

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It also bodes well for an applicant if they have already accumulated at least a year’s worth of work experience. In short, BairesDev is looking for people who know what they’re doing!

What you’ll get

Data entry specialists can expect to make between $750 to $980.77 per week. Those earning a salary on the higher end of that range will bring home almost $4,000 a month!

To further attract the tech industry’s finest, BairesDev offers great perks. Aside from the convenience and flexibility provided by the work-from-home arrangement, the company provides paid parental leave, vacation and holidays, and the hardware you need to pull off this job.

If you’re raring to showcase your talents as a remote data entry specialist, click here to get started on your application. With your expertise in selecting people, you can be a valuable asset to the BairesDev team.

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