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Want Flexibility in Your Writing Career? Check Out the Gigs on This Online Platform

Write as much or as little as your schedule permits.

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Generally, writers want as much leeway as possible. If it were entirely up to them, they’d have plenty of time to deliver plus a substantial amount of creative freedom. That’s the dream. 

However, writers have to contend with the reality of the professional world. Whether they like it or not, reality includes all the deadlines, specifications, and restraints on their creative process. At the end of the day, writers have to make the most of the hand they’re dealt.

Unless, of course, there’s a platform that sprinkles an extra pinch of flexibility to spice things up.

If you’re a writer looking for such a platform, go check out iWriter. Its premise is simple: Clients post their content requests, and writers can scoop up as many writing assignments as they want.

While deadlines and other restraints still exist, this platform gives writers the flexibility to manage their personal workload while also providing them with the opportunity to expand their client base. Sounds like one heck of a home for a writer, huh?

More on iWriter

Think of iWriter as one massive corkboard.

After registering for a free account, clients post information about their writing assignments. As you’d expect, there are plenty of article requests posted on the site, but you’ll also see other formats, such as blog posts.

The corkboard is filled with all sorts of sticky notes containing project specifications. Writers can then pick off any sticky note they choose to begin their next assignment. They need to be mindful of all specifications, which may include:

  • Article title
  • Desired keywords
  • Desired length
  • Tone of writing
  • Level of formality
  • Stylistic preferences

Once a writer finishes their project, they’ll submit the first draft via the iWriter platform. The client will then go over it and decide whether to approve or reject it. To facilitate interactions between the writer and the client, the platform provides an email-ish messaging feature.

If the client is satisfied with what they see, they can approve and download it from the platform. That marks the end of the process.

How do you earn money on iWriter?

Let’s backtrack a bit. How do writers get to access the iWriter platform in the first place?

You can get the ball rolling by submitting an application and undergoing a writing assessment. Once you pass this application process, you’ll be asked to send a picture of a government-issued photo ID (along with a picture of you holding this ID).

The next step is setting up your profile. Enter your contact details and make your bio informative so that clients can see details such as your interests, educational background, and languages spoken. In other words, your profile goes on the corkboard as well, and it can get you noticed by clients around the world!

Clients can actually put in a special request for you. This means that they have developed a taste for your writing style and would like to entrust you with projects they have in mind.

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Client feedback is especially important because iWriter implements a Writing Tier system. These tiers are significant because more writing opportunities—including special requests—are available at the Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus tiers. 

While all writers start at the Standard level, you should strive to climb up the ladder so that you can boost your income prospects. The only way you can tier-hop is by getting the right number of star ratings, as well as reaching a certain average rating. (For example, to move up from Standard to Premium, you need to accumulate at least 25 ratings and secure a minimum 4.1 score.)

Writers get paid via PayPal, wire transfer, prepaid debit card, or direct deposit. According to iWriter’s estimate, you can be earning as much as $40 per 500 words as you make your way up the different tiers.

Ready to explore the sticky notes on this corkboard? Click here to get started on your iWriter application!

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