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Get a Gig at a Transcription Company That’s Done Wonders for Netflix and Yahoo!

“Trusted company” is putting it mildly in this case.

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Ever stopped to wonder why transcription is so popular among gig workers?

Reason number one: It requires a basic skill set, meaning the vast majority of earners can pull it off. Reason number two: Transcription calls for fairly common equipment, such as a strong internet connection and a computer with a decent sound system. Reason number three: Transcription gives you flexibility. Reason number four…

We can go on and on. You get the drift.

It’s worth it then to do your homework on the best transcription companies out there. As eager as you are to start pulling in extra income, you can enhance your earning potential if you apply for a job at a well-established company. You know, a transcription company that really knows what it’s doing.

Like, say, Speechpad.

Based in Hollywood, Florida, this transcription company is an industry star thanks to its impressive turnaround times and strong support system for its workers. If you’re looking for a landing spot as a transcriptionist, you can aim directly for Speechpad’s vacancies.

More on Speechpad

In the late 2000s, smartphones began their global march and gave people highly convenient ways to create assorted files. Essentially, Speechpad capitalized on these tech trends, jumping into a speech-to-text industry that was just starting to gain momentum.

Konstantin Othmer, co-founder of Speechpad, laid out the company’s mission statement in a 2011 interview on the FounderBuzz YouTube channel, saying, “iPhones and Androids have made mobile microphones and cameras readily available, which is creating a lot of audio and video content from many different sources. The challenge is making that content valuable.”

According to Othmer, Speechpad converts all this content into accessible, archivable files on the cloud. The company’s guarantee? “Low cost, high quality, fast turnaround time.”

That’s a pretty big promise, but so far, Speechpad has stuck to its guns. To date, it has transcribed and captioned more than 10 million minutes of audio and video. Over the years, Speechpad has attracted an enormous client base, from individuals and small companies to major brands.

When we say “major,” we mean it: Netflix, Yahoo!, Amazon, and LinkedIn have all tapped Speechpad’s services in the past. It’s very likely that these companies will return with more projects.

In other words, Speechpad is a brand that has plenty of clout in the transcription industry. Interested in hitching your wagon to it? There are a number of ways to do so.

What can you expect from working at Speechpad?

At this point, let’s be clear about the types of jobs available at Speechpad. These are:

  • Transcription
  • Captioning
  • Translation
  • Reviewing (going over a transcriptionist’s output and editing it to achieve total accuracy)

The last two on the list are more exclusive in that Speechpad uses really tough criteria to select its translators and reviewers. It would be best if you first set your sights on transcription or captioning.

For those two types of jobs, you need to have a strong command of English grammar plus the ability to type a minimum of 40 words per minute. In terms of equipment, you need a computer, headphones, and a reliable internet connection.

To qualify for transcription and captioning jobs, you need to perform well in a number of tests, such as grammar proficiency assessment and a basic transcription or captioning exercise. 

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Once you get on the Speechpad team, you can enjoy the flexibility the company offers in terms of workload. You get to decide how much or how little you work, and you can choose from an array of transcription and captioning gigs you’ll see on your Job Board.

When you get the hang of it, you can reach out to Speechpad to see if you qualify for translation jobs. In addition, if you have hit the 1,000-minute mark in terms of audio output transcribed, you may be invited to take on a reviewer role. (That is, of course, if you pass the qualification test.)

Speaking of getting the hang of it, Speechpad constantly looks for ways to tweak its platform so that workers can perform more efficiently. Plus, team members have access to a global support system that is available 24/7.

On average, transcribers earn between $0.25 and $2.50 per audio minute. (The rate for translators is between $2 and $5.) If you’re on board with this, head over here for more details.

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