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Find Transcription and Translation Gigs at This Market Research Support Company

It has hit on a pretty good business formula.

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Every business has to consider three factors: pricing, quality, and turnaround. When it comes to delivering their products or services, companies would love to be firing on all cylinders. In reality, though, they usually have to settle for two out of three.

Here’s a common example: a cheap offering with a quick turnaround but of poor quality. Yikes.

What if there was a company that ticked all three boxes? Here’s the thing—we found one and it’s hiring.

Babbletype, a speech-to-text service provider, is looking for transcribers and translators to do great work for its clients in market research. 

More on Babbletype

Babbletype is the brainchild of John Feldcamp, a veteran of the publishing industry, and Angela Wood, who has a strong background in advertising. In 2009, the two teamed up to purchase a firm called MRT. They gave this entity a new name to reflect the type of product they had in mind.

Feldcamp and Wood had a clear vision for Babbletype. Fully aware that a vast range of services would bog down their operations, they decided to take a minimalist approach. Babbletype would offer a limited set of products that would be reasonably priced, effectively done, and quickly delivered.

In the Why Babbletype? section of the company website, this approach is encapsulated as follows: “Strive to be boring. You have enough problems. Surprises from your transcription provider should not be one of them.”

To whom are these words addressed? Why, Babbletype’s clients, of course. Right around the inception of Babbletype, transcription was becoming a go-to instrument in market research. Due to the growing urgency to convert audio files (such as interviews and focus group discussions) into text formats, market researchers realized just how badly they needed high-quality transcription services.

These clients asked, and Babbletype started delivering. In the years that followed, the company would keep its focus on the audio-to-text niche. At present, Babbletype offers just three main products:

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Content analysis (which comes in the form of MS Word and Excel templates)

Pretty boring, huh? Apparently, there’s a right kind of boring that helps a company thrive in its industry. Case in point: Babbletype has gone on to establish solid partnerships with major organizations in market research. These include the American Marketing Association, the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and the U.K.-based Association for Quality Research.

Plus, in 2018, Quirk’s magazine named Babbletype a Top Company for Medical Marketing Research.  We can babble on and on about what this company has accomplished, but you get the drift.

What can you expect from the jobs at Babbletype?

First off, you’ll be needing a computer set. Take note that tablets and Chromebooks are not suitable for Babbletype tasks. Babbletype also expects your computer set to be equipped with Express Scribe by NCH Software. Use Express Scribe’s Hot Keys feature to efficiently toggle options like Play and Pause.

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The company accepts applicants from all U.S. states except California. You can also apply if you are a resident of Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand.

Whether you’re applying for a transcription or a translation job, you’ll be required to provide details of your personal background. These details include:

  • Home location and contact information
  • A brief summary of your academic and work history
  • Your native language as well as other languages you speak
  • Your daily and weekly availability
  • Your experience with transcription

Then you’ll be asked to undergo a set of preliminary tests gauging your skills for the post you’re applying for. It’s simple: Ace these tests, and you’ll have a great chance of landing your desired job!

Ready to deliver audio-to-text services with impressive speed and an unflinching focus on quality? Click here if you want a transcription job, or head over here if you’re interested in a translation gig.

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