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Here’s Where to Find a Ton of Transcription Jobs

Got sharp ears? Make them work for you!

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Let’s talk about the importance of transcription for a moment.

In the professional realm, not all files are visual in nature. Some key documents and resources don’t neatly display information in readable blocks of text.

Video recordings. YouTube clips. Podcasts. Unless you reside in a cartoon world where thought balloons can materialize at any time, you need to extract the words from these files.

That’s exactly why companies need transcription services. By comprehending and accurately typing the words spoken in audio and video files, transcribers allow businesses to gain access to even more vital information for their day-to-day operations.

However, some companies lack dedicated transcription personnel. If you happen to be proficient in this skill, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an online platform where they can reach out to you with a steady supply of transcription jobs.

Where can I find a ton of transcription gigs?

You’ll find these at FlexJobs, a leader in the remote work space. Since 2007, FlexJobs has been a reliable platform for work-from-home assignments that benefit both workers and employers.

Thanks to its high-quality vetting process, FlexJobs can screen the legitimacy of job postings, as well as the credentials of applicants and organizations. As a result, aspiring employees can rest assured that the companies they’re applying for are the real deal. By the same token, organizations have a clear view of the capabilities of their prospective team members.

That’s not all, though. FlexJobs doesn’t just display a staggering number of transcription job postings—it goes out of its way to help you secure these jobs! The platform can aid applicants like you through:

  • Career advice on matters like negotiation, professionalism, and career gap
  • An array of webinars and similar events where you can gain even more insights
  • Resume reviews and mock interviews that will get you ready for the application process
  • One-on-one career coaching provided by experts

And you thought you’d simply be browsing through a few pages of job postings, huh? At FlexJobs, you’ll get more than your fair share of classified ads.

What transcription jobs can I find on FlexJobs?

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Transcription is an important part of data gathering in several fields. You’ll find just about all of these fields on the FlexJobs platform.

The transcription gigs offered include the following:

  • Data entry. It’s as simple as this: A company needs to have organized, concise records that it can readily access in its database. Your job here is to prepare such records, with nary a misspelled word or out-of-place detail in sight.
  • Multilingual transcription. Aside from resources in which English is the medium of communication, there are files in languages such as Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Korean. If you’re proficient in multiple tongues, you can take on multilingual transcription gigs.
  • Jobs from the medical field. There’s no way to overstate the significance of transcription when it comes to the work of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. With the health and well-being of patients on the line here, skilled medical scribes are constantly in demand.
  • Jobs from the legal field. Think those lawyers remember every detail from a hearing or a witness interview? While these legal folks are supremely talented, they can absolutely use a hand with transcription.

FlexJobs also offers transcription work from fields such as music, education, and the social sciences.

If you’re ready to lend your ears (along with your swift fingers and sharp mind) to all these clients in need of transcription, head over to this page to see all the available gigs. Happy transcribing!

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