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Explore the Work-From-Home Opportunities at This NFT-Focused Site

Strike while the NFT iron is hot.

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Right now, as your eyes glide across this article, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are proliferating across the World Wide Web.

A vital component of next-level commerce, NFTs continue to gain prominence as netizens embrace futuristic transactions. Because of their importance in cryptocurrency, NFTs have carved a digital niche of their own.

Make no mistake about it: This isn’t some insignificant nook in the far reaches of the internet. We’re talking about extensive online coverage by content creators. With so much content to craft for their websites, they are generating plenty of job opportunities for skilled individuals.

In short, you might have the NFT craze to thank for your next income-earning gig. Want to check out an NFT site where multiple jobs are available?

Head over to NFTevening, one of the most popular sites for NFT content. Filled with helpful resources on collectibles, gaming, and other NFT-related stuff, NFTevening is sure to hook enthusiasts eager to achieve success in the digital realm.

On top of that, NFTevening has a number of remote job vacancies that need to be filled right away. If you can meaningfully contribute to the growth of this site, you should definitely check out these employment opportunities!

More on NFTevening

In January 2020, NFTevening co-founder Theo Sastre-Garau had no idea what an NFT was. (Then again, how many of us did?)

Sastre-Garau came to an important realization when he decided to dig deeper. “Sadly, there were barely any resources [on NFTs] at the time,” he told TechBullion in 2022. “I had to find my way around Discord and subscribe to several groups, each one having multiple channels inside them.”

Finding the research process “terrible,” Sastre-Garau decided that online users should be afforded the convenience of having a comprehensive platform for NFT information. With his partner Jimmy Ichane, Sastre-Garau launched NFTevening in April 2020.

With a user-friendly layout and a sleek look, NFTevening answers a variety of NFT-related questions. Enthusiasts can stay up to date through news articles on blockchain games, collectibles, crypto art, and the metaverse. Beginners can equip themselves with knowledge thanks to the site’s resources on NFT projects, marketplaces, and tools. There’s also a newsletter, as well as regular calendar updates on NFT drops.

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In a short time, NFTevening has managed to become a popular destination for NFT novices and veterans alike. Generating 1.2 million organic views on a monthly basis, the site continues to find ways to maintain comprehensive coverage of NFTs. To keep up the good work, NFTevening needs to bolster its ranks, which is where you come in.

What jobs are available at NFTevening?

At present, the site is looking to fill the following vacancies:

  • Content writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media manager
  • Content manager
  • PPC marketing manager

Most of these are full-time jobs, and all of them are remote positions. Generally, NFTevening offers flexible working hours and guarantees payment in just about any currency.

Got the skills for any of these positions? Click here to start your journey with NFTevening!

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