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With HealthyWage, You Can Earn Money By Losing Weight

Here’s an opportunity that should make you dust off that treadmill languishing in your garage.

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People who want to lose weight come from different backgrounds. There is likely nothing wrong with your body as it is—health comes in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one might not work for others. 

If you have talked to a medical professional, done the research, and need a little extra motivation to drop a few pounds, you might want to consider using HealthyWage. It offers you up to $10,000 in cash prizes for every unwanted pound you shed. The bigger your goal, the more prizes you have the chance to win.

How does it work? 

First, you can play around with the prize calculator feature to see what you could win. You enter the weight (in pounds or kilograms) that you would like to lose and in how many months. You choose how much you want to bet each month, and HealthyWage encourages you to find your “sweet spot,” that is, the perfect combo of length, prize, and goal for your current weight and height. Remember: The higher your goal, the bigger your jackpot, and the more motivated you will be! 

After you have adjusted the calculator but before you make any commitment to using the service, HealthyWage coaches you through the next steps with a few more questions. It will ask you about your motivation before telling you a bit about the science behind motivation.

Finally, it will calculate the prize money you are looking at if you stick closely to your goals, then encourage you to download the mobile app and either link a PayPal account or eventually get paid by check, if that is what you prefer. Word on the street is that it pays out quickly! 

An important note: Don’t forget that this is a wager. In other words, you are betting on yourself, and you put in the initial financial investment. If you don’t hit your goals, your money will be gone. Talk about extra motivation! 

What type of person does this program work for? 

HealthyWage will work best for those who can be consistent (using other methods of keeping track of things, like journaling or apps such as My Fitness Pal); hold themselves accountable (though you can add friends and family to your plan—for free—to act as Lifelines); and those who want to completely change their lifestyle and get paid for it. 

Do you still have questions? We have answers! 

Here are a few things that might still be on your mind:

  • Can I cheat and enter a different starting weight?

Nice try, but you do have to verify your actual starting weight by weighing in. You can either upload a video on the platform of you on the scale, or you can do a virtual weigh-in on the app with one of the HealthyWage guides.

  • What about at the end? Can I fudge my end weight?

Nope! It is the same process as with verifying your starting weight. We know it might be tempting to game the system a little bit and try to get a few extra bucks, but not only will it not work, you are cheating yourself more than anyone else if you take that route. 

  • Can I get my money back at the end if I do not hit my goal weight?

Unfortunately, no. If you bet on yourself and lose, the money stays with HealthyWage.

  • Is this company even allowed to operate?

Everything is perfectly legal. HealthyWage is legit, and though it occasionally profits off of people not completing the journey, it also makes money via corporate partnerships and sponsorships.  

  • What happens between the first day and the last day of my HealthyWage journey?

HealthyWage helps you out by issuing small challenges along the way. These challenges will net you HW points, which you can choose to cash out, pay an installment for a different challenge, or put in your honeypot to join a brand-new challenge. Each HW point is valued at one dollar.

  • So, the only ways I can make money are from challenges or hitting my goal weight?

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Not exactly. Apart from regular challenges (of which you can join up to 10 at a time), you have a handful of other options to side-hustle your side hustle. You can get some extra dough by referring friends, getting a team together to participate in a jackpot, and connecting your pedometer and winning cash based on your steps. Prize amounts vary, but some of the jackpot prizes can reach tens of thousands of dollars. In total, HealthyWage has paid out $20 million! 

If you like the idea of HealthyWage but aren’t sold on its method, there are a ton of other ways to lose weight and make money at the same time. You won’t strike it rich (don’t quit your day job), but you are much more likely to stick to your goals if your own money is on the line, and participants often walk away with at least a thousand dollars. 

Losing weight with crash diets, fasting, or extreme restrictions might work in the short term, but experts say that it can have multiple deleterious side effects, and you are more likely to gain the weight back just as quickly as you lost it. Make sure that no matter what, you talk to a doctor before making a commitment to a particular method of weight loss. 

So, do you have the guts to bet on yourself?

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