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This Site is a One-Stop Shop for Online Writers

No need to switch between numerous tabs—this platform has you covered!

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Every online writer has a horror story or two. 

No, we’re not talking about works worthy of Edgar Allan Poe. We are referring, of course, to the myriad of complex apps that writers need to navigate in order to manage their projects. We also can’t omit to mention the anxiety over grammar lapses and stylistic choices, as well as the deeper apprehension engendered by the intense competition in the content creation industry.

If only there were some easy-to-access platform that could address all these concerns and more…

Writers Work may very well be the site that writers have been waiting for. As a comprehensive channel for professional development and project management, this platform helps writers stay on their A-game day in and day out.

How? Here’s how.

A magnet for jobs

For starters, Writers Work is an aggregator of jobs for writers.

Ever had to browse multiple sites to put together a list of writing projects that you’d be interested in? That must have been quite a doozy. Writers Work makes your life easier by being a one-stop shop for writing gigs (which are pulled from sites like Indeed and Problogger). On the platform, expect to see jobs such as content creator, copywriter, and social media writer.

Proving that it’s more than just an online version of classified ads, Writers Work goes the extra mile by assisting writers with their portfolios. On this platform, writers can consolidate their past works, photos, and other pertinent documents for easier reference during the application process.

Your friendly neighborhood grammar checker

Once you start getting hired, Writers Work remains by your side, lending a hand with grammar and style.

Here are some of the ways that the site helps you ensure the quality of your texts:

  • Word and character count
  • In-built dictionary and thesaurus
  • In-built spellchecker
  • Readability scores
  • Formatting tracker

Sustained growth

It’s one thing to provide a text editor that contains a bunch of grammar and style trackers and another to offer learning courses on the writing craft and several other major topics related to the profession.

That’s what Writers Work provides in its various modules, which consist of supplementary materials and video clips that feed a writer’s insatiable mind.

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If there’s a group of professionals that needs to continuously raise its performance level, it’s writers. With industry trends, genres, and even grammatical rules evolving all the time, writers need to always keep their finger on the pulse of their craft and stay active on the self-improvement front.

Money matters

Though it’s a bit difficult to pin down the average earnings of a writer on this platform, it’s in the ballpark of $20 an hour (assuming that you’ve made a bit of a name for yourself and assignments have started to pile up).

Here’s a number that’s certain: the one-time fee of $47 you need to pay in order to access all the aforementioned features of Writers Work. (Alternatively, you can pay $15 a month.) With a carefully curated portfolio and consistent quality in terms of your output, you’ll be able to capitalize on the Writers Work platform and generate a steady flow of income.

Ready to sign up for great writing gigs? Head over to Writers Work to get started on the easy application process. After getting to work on this site, perhaps you’ll replace horror stories with happy episodes.

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