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Are You a Great Judge of People’s English Language Skills? Try This Part-Time Job

Grammar nazis are just mean. This job, on the other hand, is productive.

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Grammarians come in two types, and chances are that you’ve encountered both in your personal and professional life.

On the one hand, you have the grammar nazis, who are so labeled because they’re more than just a little harsh. Misplaced commas draw their ire, capitalization problems drive them crazy, and the “its vs. it’s” conundrum has them foaming at the mouth.

On the other hand, there are the constructive critics. Though these individuals are similarly eagle-eyed, they choose to provide feedback in a constructive way. Their comments can sting, but you know that their input is fueled by a genuine desire to help.

Are you more of the latter than the former? If so, there’s a part-time job waiting for you at Northeastern University.

Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) is looking for English language evaluators. With your keen attention to detail and your commitment to upholding high standards of language, you can certainly make a difference in this job.

Background of the institution

Upholding standards is exactly why CPS created this job. It’s clear that the university will settle for nothing less.

Established in 1898, Northeastern University takes pride in providing high-caliber lifelong learning and cultivating a strong research culture. Northeastern’s main campus is in Boston, but it also has branches in Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, and even across the pond in London.

Wondering which prominent figures graduated from this university? The list includes Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter; Shawn Fanning, one of the pioneers behind Napster; and Wendy Williams. (Yes, that Wendy Williams.) 

Bottom line: Northeastern has had quite the track record for well over a century, so you can rest assured that any part-time job it’s offering is the real deal.

Responsibilities and qualifications

So, what does Northeastern’s CPS have in store for its English language evaluators?

CPS needs some help with screening international applicants. While profiles and supporting documents are part and parcel of the application process, CPS (like several other institutions across America) has decided to require video submissions as well from international applicants.

In their video clips, the applicants need to demonstrate how they use their English language skills to respond to verbal prompts. Language, of course, is best interpreted in context, so these prompts can give CPS a good idea of which applicants are proficient when it comes to real-life interactions in English. 

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To ensure that it hires the most reliable English language evaluators out there, CPS has narrowed down its search to bachelor’s degree holders with impeccable communication skills. Moreover, the job applicants need to have either ESL teaching experience or experience in assessing ESL speakers.

In terms of equipment and workplace conditions, English language evaluators must have a strong internet connection at home, along with a computer and a camera. The evaluators should also have a quiet work space, and if they happen to know their way around Microsoft Teams, that’s a plus!

You’ll have to work efficiently, though: CPS expects its evaluators to turn in their evaluation within 24 hours of gaining access to an international applicant’s video clip.

The estimated pay for this part-time job is between $18.75 and $23.56 per hour. If this type of pay—and all other aspects of the job, for that matter—sounds good to you, click here to get started on your application! Finally, your constructive criticism of other people’s grammar and vocabulary is about to pay off.

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